Galaxy In Flames

Poncho's Logs 1.4

Mission: Rescue Asher from Hell Part III

…Initializing …

Password: * * * * *


… Scanning Fingerprint…

… Identity Confirmed…

Welcome Poncho :)

Creating New File: The Escape…

→ Report: Day 6 | 1400 – 1600 Hours

Wow, OK, so a lot happened since my last break from these logs. And, unfortunately, I couldn’t record some of them, so I’ll do my best to bring you up to snuff on what happened.

So, we get off that ship right, and Deekin begins leading everyone through a hangar bay that is located someplace above a forest canopy. Looking out the force-field you could see only sky above, and tree tops below. I was curious whether we were in a base or a ship, but we didn’t have too much time to examine our surroundings as Deekin dragged us ever forward. Now, I’m sure you already saw this coming…in fact I’m sure we all did. But it was a trap, as we were greeted by Rossi and around forty other individuals, the others all dressed in strange armor adorned with like a nerf skull or something (I think they’re called Mandalorians?). Anyways, Rossi was seemingly pretty confident, mentioning Winter and Mo’s bounties and how much money they would bring him. Rossi even said some woman was just giddy with excitement when she found out I was a prisoner, and how she was going to pay Rossi for me. It didn’t make too much sense to me, if it was Viper, my debt to her was, as you know, taken care of already. And, as far as I know I am of no value to her now…but then again that woman was crazy so I wouldn’t put much past her.

Strangely enough, Rossi seemed to believe that L’hrequ was worth less than I even was, and was going to take L’hrequ to meet his (Rossi’s) boss/partner, though would also be the first to die should anyone try to resist. This proved a couple of things for me, one being Rossi is an idiot, setting all this “masterful” plan to not even know his targets? L’hrequ even used a lasersword against Rossi’s crew during Rossi’s ambush (and I don’t even know what else L’hrequ has done when I haven’t been around). Though, besides Rossi’s seemingly naivety, it also told us that no one in the gang had spoken of L’hrequ’s Jedi-talents during the trials. I don’t know what that says about Rossi’s crew, or if it truly affects my feelings towards Deekin, but it does seem odd.

Anyways, after Rossi’s long winded speech he had us all searched and our gear taken. Though his guards weren’t too thorough, missing my knife (though I really wished they didn’t find Nancy instead, not even sure what to do with the knife). I wasn’t too sure what the others got away with, well except L’hrequ who was trying to play off his lasersword as a empty pistol-hilt. I’m not sure exactly why the Mandolorian believed him on that, seems pretty clear to be anything but a pistol-hilt, a glow-rod would have been a more convincing lie. Still, these block-headed Mandalorians were buying the hilt thing, but not buying that L’hrequ would just carry around an empty hilt without a pistol to fill it, despite L’hrequ’s attempt to tell them he lost it in a battle. Finding L’hrequ suspicious they began to take him away for a more thorough check for the missing blaster. I found myself strangely concerned, probably due to me being contracted to help the group more than anything, so I decided to pipe in. I told Rossi and everyone I knew what happened to the blaster and then further explained how I stole it from L’hrequ and sold it behind his back for some additional credits. At first, Rossi laughed still pressing the inquiry as to why the hilt would be kept, it wasn’t looking like it was going to work. However, I told them that he kept it as a way to torment me (which, to be fair, is something I feel L’hrequ would totally do). At first, it didn’t look like it was going to work, but then Rossi caved and told the guards to lock L’hrequ with the rest of us, but to keep us separated. L’hrequ owes me big time.

The guards began marching us all out of the room, but they were halted one more time when Rossi told them to leave Pand’Ora behind. I told her she had the situation under control as the rest of us were pushed out towards wherever our cells were. I’m not sure if she heard me, though I hoped that she was feeling confident. Rossi stood no chance!

I don’t know where Pand’Ora was taken, but the rest of us were taken down a series of hallways (first turning right, walking a bit, and then turning left) until we reached our destination. Past this door was a cell block composed of around ten cells. L’hrequ was tossed in the first cell closest to the door, then Winter in the next, Mo third, and I was put in the forth. The rooms were rather small, and only contained a small cot and a bucket. Not a lot to work with. As we settled in, Winter called out something that sounded like Fresh Meat, is that something you do when you become prisoners? Do you get meat….gosh I am hungry. However, a voice did call back, asking if it was Winter. Turns out, some good news, Asher was here…well in prison with us, but present none the less.

They had a good long discussion about how Winter came to rescue Asher, but Asher saying no one would be here if Winter hadn’t ran away from home. Different families I guess, I left my home and was merely disowned and treated as if I never existed, but I guess at least Winter’s family cares. Though apparently her mother is sick and receiving medical care. That doesn’t sound good. Hopefully, Winter’s mom will be ok, though her ailment seems to be either Winter running away or Dad being overly restricting.

Well, you probably don’t need hear all about that, so I will mostly mention what information we learned from Asher. I guess Rossi feels he is doing the right thing, even if it has costs,and that he still cares about Pand’Ora and feeling poorly that she is on the outs with him. Additionally, Rossi is apparently working with a partner, or at least thinks he is a partner. Asher suspects that Rossi is a lot smaller in this “partner’s” plan than a second to it. I guess, from what Asher told us, they are working on some sort of dreadnought/super-weapon thing. Sounds like a pretty big deal.

Still, in order to do anything about it, we had to get out of here and find Pand’Ora. Problem was, I didn’t really hear anyone doing anything about our predicament. Frustrated at not having some spectacular solution to the problem, in fact…I’m not sure if I ever do, I just channeled a little bit of my father and decided to agitate the guards to hopefully try to pick a fight with me. Winter even chimed in with some of her own! One of the guards seemed to be unaffected by my insults and challenges, but the other guard (apparently called 23) was goaded…but not exactly the way I wanted him to be. A wimpy weasel, this 23, decided to just blast me with his Carbine set to stun. I took it and keep insulting him, hoping that he open the door…but this 23 just shot me two more times. I can take a lot, but I was defiantly a bit fuzzy after that third and had to sit down and catch my breath. Seeing me down, this pathetic slime-ball (and that is rather mean to slime which can sometimes be quite tasty), decided that he wanted to teach me even more of a lesson and began to unlock my cage. However, at that moment the cell blocks door opened up and Pand’Ora was pushed into the prison. At least, I think it was her, I was still a bit zonked, but it certainly sounded like her. Especially once the scuffled began. I heard some clashing and some blaster fire, I think I saw something that looked like Pand’Ora dash past my cell (and I heard one guard mention some strange door problem?). I think I heard Winter asking if I was ok, and something about needing to be on my side or I’ll suffocate. Never heard that, but wasn’t going to fight it. Trying to catch my bearing, and see if I could help, I gave a slight push to the door to see if somehow derpy 23 accidentally left it unlocked…and it seemed that he did. I quickly closed it again, but as I prepared to dash out…Pand’Ora had surrendered the carbine she had commandeered and was escort into the cell next to mine. From the brief glance of her I got through the barred window (luckily she is so tall), I noticed a seed of disappointment? Rage? Oh dear, I hope she wasn’t mad at me… The multitude of guards that had brought Pand’Ora with them began to leave again, and they took dumb-dumb Mcgee with them (i.e. 23), but unfortunately left another guard to replace him. Once again, we were left in our cages with two guards. Asher called out to see if Winter was ok, and she told him we all were and it was just a little chaos. Just part of our exciting lives. Asher seemed unconvinced, but the guards silenced us, telling us that there would be no more talking. Mo asked if singing was OK (didn’t know Mo was a singer), but the guards didn’t seem enthused (and even asked each other if a memory wipe would be fine, but reiterated to themselves that it was not). Asher got antsy, when he was told that the bounty hunters were coming for us.

Fortunately, life on the race-course has made me somewhat enduring to stresses, and I was able to recover my breathe, at least a bit. Their was still this annoying buzz in my ear…and I think I was flying a bit sideways, but nothing unbearable…racing taught me how to deal with that too. I waited for the activity of the room to die down and to see if anyone else was going to try anything. I couldn’t tell everyone what I was planning, so with no activity I just had to go and hope for the best. My plan was simple, throw open the door to dash over to the door to the block. Hopefully it would automatically open, and I would lock it shut behind me. I could dash through the complex, creating a distraction, allowing the others to handle the two guards. With my plan in motion, I kicked through the door to the other door, except it didn’t open. Seems things were already derailing. I apologized to the guards, saying this wasn’t my original plan as I jammed my Molecular Stiletto into the door controls to keep it, hopefully closed. L’hrequ uses his Jedi stuff to pull one of the Guard’s Carbine right through his cell’s window! I throw a punch at one of the guards, but his armor was rather hard so I don’t think I did anything. In retaliation, the man moved away and tried to blast me with his carbine. Though he seemed a bit caught off-guard so he wasn’t even close. From her cell, I saw Winter showing me a gun of some-kind, but I really have no aiming skills so I waved at her to keep it, and she took a shot through the bars. Her bullet crashing into the other Guard’s carbine and knocking it to the ground. Mo…or something else…was sticking his arm through the window and trying to hack open the keypad utilizing the sounds from my keypad being activated. However, without being able to see it at the same time, and the strange angle of his hands, Mo was having a bit of trouble. The one guard who lost his gun to L’hrequ wanders over to L’hrequ’s cell and demands the gun back, pointing his blaster pistol into the slot, but even stranger was L’hrequ gave the carbine back! Why, L’hrequ why?! The other guard tried to grapple me, but I was stronger than he was expecting…or I’m flying awkwardly due to the stun blasts I suffered. Still, I managed to get out of his grasp and dash over to Pand’Ora’s cell, feeling bad that I wasn’t able to assist her earlier, I figured this was my time to make up for it. Problem was, I don’t really know computers all that well…so I kind started hitting buttons… well more like slamming the console, it sparked something vicious and I felt a nasty shock…but the cell opened. That was a miracle, but I was barely flying again..and I think I saw little birdies….need to catch my breath…

L’hrequ apparently did something to the carbine as the guard laughed and tried to blast L’hrequ with it (who had taken the guard’s blaster pistol from him), but the carbine didn’t do anything. A fact that frustrated the guard trying to use it. Winter takes another shot at the guard that tried to grapple me, the bullet blasting through his armor, and she told them that they are the ones who are trapped. Almost on que, Pand’Ora, her cage opened, dashed out claws bared against the guard that tried to grapple me, and began to make mincemeat out of him. At this time, the other guard was still arguing with L’hrequ over losing his blaster (I’m unsure if the guard was missing what was happening behind him, or if it was some sort of jedi trick. Ten again, L’hrequ can be pretty annoying…maybe he figured being mean to L’hrequ was the best use of his time). However, it seems L’hrequ was getting pretty bored with his game, and skewered his laser-sword through the cell’s lock as well as the guard’s chest who collapsed on the ground. L’hrequ used his laser-sword to cut open the rest of the cells, though he seemed hesitant to release Asher for some reason. In fact, L’hrequ even spoke down to the boy, telling him that he needed to be more useful if he was to be set free. Fortunately, L’hrequ did eventually let Asher out so we could continue. We looted the guard’s stuff, Winter and Asher donning their nerf-skull armor (Pand’Ora assisting Asher), and we all split up the guns. Pand and Mo took carbines, while Winter and I were handed blasters pistols. Asher, donning the armor with L’hrequ help, grew excited as the plan underwent as if the armor gave him new found confidence. We had escaped!

Well, not fully, but if we’ve escaped our cells what could really keep us here. I apologized to Pand’Ora for not assisting her when she started a battle, as I was a bit zonked out, and she told me she forgave me. However, L’hrequ had some kind of storm coming. Mo pulled my Stiletto out of the door and the two of us begin our attempt to unlock it. However, as we were doing so, a female voice spoke to us through the speakers somewhere in the room. It said, “Ah, so you guys are the trouble-makers that Rossi has been telling everybody about. Finally, some fun! Don’t take any of this personally though, but you guys defiantly got it coming. You guys just had to go and be nosy. But you know, if you want… I’ll help you with that door.” Ugh, just what we needed, more people pulling our strings. I was against the idea immediately, we didn’t need help to get out of this place! But, Mo agreed almost immediately. It worked so well last time we went through someone instead of ourselves, hello Deekin. Winter introduced herself politely and asked whom we were speaking to, but the voice merely told her that she knew who we all were, and that see had looked at all of our dossiers and how we were a very interesting group. Honestly, how does everyone know me? Am I that important because I’m the group’s taxi? She continued by telling us that we had to admit that we had this coming…though I still wasn’t sure what I did either. Winter told the voice that our lives are never dull, and the voice agreed and offered the door again, and like clockwork Mo agreed….again. Asher was kind of freaking out the whole time. L’hrequ pressed the who are you question, and he was told that we could call the voice “the voice in the sky” for now. What a mouthful. I think I’ll call her VIS for now. Mo grew impatient and asked for the code, but I asked the group if they honestly wanted to be beholden to someone again, and even Winter said sure. And that Winter expected to get out of here with the help of someone. This group really lacks confidence, we just pulled off an amazing stunt and they still think we need help? L’hrequ asked if we would ever meet VIS, and she told us she doubted we would last that long. Winter called out Challenge Accepted to that, and three seconds later the door opened. Ugh. Everyone prepared themselves for battle, and I noticed that Asher was unequipped so I offered him the blaster pistol I was given. Ashe said he would prefer one of the rifles, and tried to get me to get the others to give him theirs. Pand’Ora immediately told him that it was never going to happen, and so Asher accepted the blaster pistol. Strangely, after accepting it Asher got kinda clingy, asking for my name even though I gave it to him last time, and then asking how I knew his sister. Asher also asked me to record everything that Winter has done since I met her and to give it to him as she was going to be in so much trouble. Strangely, I do have most things recorded, but I wasn’t going to give it to him to use against Winter. Strangely, no one else seemed to react to such a strange request and we proceeded onward.

Mo opened the door and Pand’Ora slid her head out to take a look around. It seems the hallway was empty of any guards…wow seems we really needed help. Winter leads the way with Asher in the tail to ensure that it looks like we are being escorted by some guards and we progress down the hall. Eventually we get to the first fork in the road. If I recalled correctly from earlier, the path to the right should lead us to the hangar where we first came to this complex. However, before being able to iterate on this, VIS chimed in telling us that the path to the right would take us to our equipment, but the path to the left would take us to the landing bay (huh? I suppose their could be another bay). The group all wanted their stuff back, and still trusted VIS, so we all wandered down the path tot he right. This path eventually took us to another T with a path to the right and left again. If I correctly followed the way we were taken to the cells, left here would take us towards the hangar where we came in so the party went to the right again. This path lead to a door, and within was a room with a large array of lockers and lock-boxes as well as two soldiers, one sitting at a desk working on some paperwork while the other was speaking to him. Winter entered first and tried to play it off cool by asking for a logbook of the equipment, but the guards didn’t know about a logbook so Winter sort of gave up on the ruse and drew her weapon (guess the disguise thing wasn’t going to help us much). The fight wasn’t too difficult for this group even without their natural equipment. Winter did suffer a blast from one of the guards (before he called out that the prisoners were escaping), but that was the extent of our wounds. Mo, surprisingly, blasted one of the guards with a heated beam instead of a stun beam like normal and seemed a bit taken aback by it. I didn’t do really anything, but I’m not getting paid to hurt people.

Fortunately, the lockers (once we unlocked them) contained all of our stuff. Even more in our favor was the fact that we were able to don it all without anyone else bothering us. Wasn’t missing this heavy backpack too much, and it was really unfortunate that I didn’t have my SugarScoot (thanks, Brand), or getting out of here would be so much easier. Still, once we got all our stuff together we headed out again, as we finish up this VIS person congratulated us and said that we did a good job. However, she also told us that we had “friends” coming, before saying “just kidding, I took care of the emergency signal” she really needs to work on her sarcasm. And regardless, that signal was about the most useless thing I’ve heard, didn’t even give away our location. These guards would probably all run back to the cells first, knowing them. We arrived back at the second T (which my memory tells me a right here would lead us to the hangar bay) and we were about to go that way when VIS talks through the comms again and tells us to stop, that a large group was coming we should go back the other way.
VIS says that they must have been warned by someone else. Of course, the group believes her (though Winter was suspicious), except me. A second ago no one was coming, and know some other signal got through to this other group? Who else knows we escape that isn’t knocked out or dead, why, I know, her! That is, of course, if this ambush was even happening. So we know head away from our destination, back to the T path that can lead to our cells and go the other way, that she originally told us would lead to the landing bay, but clearly doesn’t. Around the bend, we notice two human technicians (not wearing any armor) working on some sort of repairs or something on a panel that was sparking. Though I’m not sure this was their primary job, as a mop was leaning on the wall near them. Winter played up her role as a guard, asking what happened (the two men didn’t know) and then demanded if they were authorized (to which they were, and Winter was making them really nervous, I guess they were hired about three months ago). Still, the two men didn’t even try to hinder our progress and stood out of the way. Feeling for them, and quite frankly wanting to peel away from VIS’s plans, went over to try and help them diagnose their problem. Unfortunately, the group was pretty insistent that I come along and I wasn’t able to get a good look at it. VIS chimed in after we had progressed a way, saying she was surprised we didn’t take them out (wow, she sounds sooo nice) and then told us to take the elevator down two levels. And urged us on. Annoying, and what better place to trap us. Pand’Ora asked why we didn’t just head back now, seeing as it has been plenty of time for that squad of guards to be out of the way. However, VIS said that she wanted to lead us on a path that avoid the guards, and asked if Pand’Ora preferred to fight them instead, to which Pand’Ora said she would prefer to avoid them. VIS even said that she (Pand’Ora) wasn’t looking too good. Rude. Asher was hesitant now, but didn’t really put up much of a fight. I examined the elevator to see if it was going to trap us someplace, but I don’t know elevators all that well so it looked fine. Mo also looked, but he determined that it was sound. I still didn’t trust it. Well, we all board and prepare to go two levels down. As we are going down, the elevator, guess what, stops. VIS then says “Oops, looks like it broke, you’re going to have to find another way down. What will you do?” Who saw this coming, and we know from at least Mo’s observations that this wasn’t the elevator breaking down, so VIS must have stopped it. Glad she has our back, so glad. I immediately begin to fly up to the emergency hatch to get out, and Winter calls VIS out for the dirty trick, but she was almost laughing. VIS said she wasn’t perfect (I accidentally stop elevators all the time), but then said we could use the console to try to get it moving again or go out the emergency hatch. Mo works with L’hrequ to mess with the console, and manage to get the elevator going again, so I close that hatch and just wait for the ride. VIS said it was impressive work (though Mo said it was easy) and told Mo he did a good job. L’hrequ did help, but VIS seems to not care about that too much.

At the end of the ride, the doors opened up into a dark set of hallways. Pand’Ora said that was good, mentioning that it would have less traffic. I couldn’t understand why there would be a part of the base so unused unless it was put here for us to just sneak through. Now, I know what you’re thinking, maybe VIS did it for us. Sure, just like the elevator. And I think an entire floor low on power would be a big signal flag. Nah, I didn’t think anyone is after us. Anyways, those with them prepared their scanner goggles or whatever to help guide us as VIS told us that we would head straight down the hall, third door on left down where, inside, we would move through a warehouse and on the other side would be another elevator we would take back up. And once we were up, we’d be right near the hangar bay (like we were, I don’t know several minutes ago). VIS also told us to hurry as a group was coming down here to look for us. (Sure they were, the technicians didn’t even think something was up but these magic guards sure are on the hunt). Pand’Ora said the plan was good, but Winter brought up that the route was rather convoluted. VIS said it was to get around the bulk of the “other” bad guys (other, hmm that would mean…). Pand’Ora said it made sense, and that was the end of that.

We arrived at this door, and Winter listened to it, but heard nothing. It opened to a better lit large warehouse building filled with boxes, crates, and other mixing stacked on each other and scattered about. To our left and right were two large doors that were closed, and our destination door was where we were going. Winter asked what was in the crate and VIS said it was junk for Rossi. Seemed awfully generic, especially when the crates are all labeled with codes. Still, we journeyed on, and about the time we arrive at the center of this warehouse, we heard the loud screech of metal as the two large doors on our left and right began to open up. Strange growls and hisses could be heard echoing from the other side of those doors as VIS chimed in with “Oh another obstacle, whatever are you going to do?” Winter, Pand, and Asher began to climb the crates, and I attempted to help Winter up one. Mo and L’hrequ took defensive postures with their weapons out and backs to a crate. And soon, out of the darkness, a large Reek came out of the door to our left while a strange, large, chitinous bug/mantis monster came out of the other. Winter called VIS a sadistic…something I’m not sure what it meant so I will say it probably was similar to being called a son of a Kath Hound.

Mo opened up the combat by pulling out that ramshackle thermal detonator that apparently was still in his stuff. The explosive landed on the Reek and an intense heat immediately filled the room, as our motions almost seemed to be slowed in the light that consumed the creature. The Reel was still standing, but the smell of burnt flesh and scales wasn’t pleasant. Still the creature charged towards us, only to be blasted by Pand’Ora’s massive rifle and then struck by L’hrequ’s laser-sword to its legs, sending it crashing to the ground, moving no more. The Mantis creature then dashed towards us, its claw-like appendages easily allowing it to scale up the boxes to Winter. It swung its mighty claw at Winter and the blow was vicious knocking Winter back as her foot got lodged into a crack between crates, falling backwards. This granted the opportunity to the mantis creature to swing another vicious blow into her again. Winter wasn’t looking too good, and this beast seemed hungry for her (though in its hunger its claw pierced a crate and it screamed in pain at hitting whatever was in it). In reaction Winter tried to blast it, but the creature seemed unfazed by her attack. Asher shot his blaster to try to protect his sister, but the blast wasn’t strong enough to even pierce the creature’s chitinous hide. I flew up and tried to distract it by just hitting it, but It was all eyes for Winter.

Pand’Ora blasts the creature with her powerful rifle, and hits with such force that the creature falls off the crates and on its back. Mo follows up the attack, but the creature now had cover from the crates as it fell and the attack hit one of them instead. L’hrequ used his Jedi tricks to pick up one of the crates and slam it down on the collapsed creature and it hissed with pain. However, the creature was strong still, and was able to push off that crate and climb back up to Winter where it opened its mouth and its tongue shot out (a tongue tipped with a sharp needle-like barb) that slammed into Winter’s chest. Winter couldn’t take the blow, and as she collapsed to her wounds a strange bulge went down the tongue and into Winter’s chest and then the tongue withdrew. I was in a panic at what it did to Winter and searched through my Data Goggles for any information on this…thing! According to the data file installed in my goggles, it appeared to have put an egg, young, or something into her to impregnate her. EW! I let everyone know as Asher made another attack, not doing much damage but it did push the creature into an easier to land position.

Pand’Ora was enraged and blasted the creature right in its eyes, which began to bleed ferociously as it clawed at them. Seems the creature was permanently blinded from Pand’Ora’s attack! Mo answered Pan’s vicious blow with another of his own and it burned into the creature’s chassis. It hissed, but couldn’t take anymore and collapsed off the crates and silence filled the room. Mo and I dashed up to assist Winter with whatever that thing did or impregnated her with. As we examined her insides with my hand scanner, we discovered a marble-like creature that seemed to be burrowing its way to Winter’s heart. Mo determined that Winter probably would have only twenty-four hours to before it reached her heart and killed her unless she received medical attention. Worse yet, Mo also noted that without elaborate surgical tools and facilities, Winter’s life would be put at even more risk if we tried to get it out with what we have. Mo then administered a stimpack to help wake Winter up and then began to treat her wounds with his medical kit. Winter said she could feel it burrowing inside her. Now we were really in a hurry (and VIS was mysteriously silent on this matter, what a nice lady). So we dashed off to the door at the end of the warehouse and to the cargo elevator. Once we were inside, VIS finally spoke again. VIS, again, told us to hurry and get to the landing bay as Rossi was after us now with all of his friends. However, as our way of “thanking” VIS for “assisting” us we had to take her with us. Great, already haven’t had enough of her. Of course, the group was unaffected with this offer and agreed to it. VIS said the only reason she tested us was to make sure she could trust us to help her escape (yeah, right.) This time, the elevator seems to work just fine as VIS gives us our new directions. We head into this new hallway and follow the directions we were given that lead to a final door.

Opening the door, we were greeted by the exterior of the base. A rocky and grassy cliff edge was ahead, but there was a slender path that lead across the side of the base. The drop from the cliff was straight down into a canopy of trees and was roughly about a hundred foot drop. With little other way to go, we begin the trek across the path. The group ties themselves together with L’hrequ’s syntherope, except for me as I didn’t really fear falling or heights. Pand’Ora and I lead the way, and when we get across the bend in the ledge, we see the landing pad ahead roughly forty-feet away. Seems the force-field was still up. I went ahead as the ledge eventually became a jump and I could get across easily. However, when I got roughly fifteen feet from the force-field, it collapsed…weird. Pand’Ora thanked VIS for this, but I was still my suspicious self. Behind us, Winter slipped and fell of the path (that creature’s injection seems to be effecting her) barely being caught by her brother Asher. With L’hrequ’s help (who seemed a bit hesitant to assist for some reason) Asher was able to pull Winter back up. Despite the scare, we all managed to sneak into landing pad. The ship we arrived in was still parked within, and we crouched behind it to plan our next move. Mo sent this little spider droid thing, (when did he get that?) ahead and was able to use his datapad to see what the droid saw. It appeared that the ship was open, but there were three guards standing up near the door leading into the base. Strange these guards didn’t react to the force-field falling. Mo decided to creep ahead, but was spotted by the guards. However, the guards seem to believe that Mo is a maintenance droid and call him over (If Rossi and all his friends were after us, wouldn’t these guards know that we had escaped and know what Mo looks like? Absolute nonsense). Mo obliged, but only move up close enough to hurl a grenade at the grouping of guards. That alerted them and they prepared their singed weapons. Pand’Ora was able to quickly dash ahead, make a shot (missing), and then board the ship immediately. Winter followed suit immediately after. Mo takes a barrage of attacks from the guards, one of them missing, but the other two landing nasty blows. L’hrequ, who “hates” blasters uses his to hit one of the guards and then board the ship like the others. I moved to the ships entrance and blasted with a stun beam from Nancy, missing (but that didn’t really suprise me) and I waited for Mo to get aboard. Asher followed the example of the others, taking a shot as he dashed aboard the ship. Mo draws his rifle and blasts one of the guards with a stun beam before dashing aboard the ship (his spider-droid thing following him) and I behind him. As we board, I see at the corner of my eye the door the guards were standing before opens and more guards begin funneling in. Strange timing.

Mo slams the button on the wall to close the loading ramp and the two of us dash into the cockpit. However, the controls are locked so Mo beings to hack into the system. The blasters outside seemed to have him a bit rattled, or the nasty blasts he received before boarding, and Mo’s first attempt failed. Though, before we could try again we heard VIS’s voice extremely close to us instead of over a comm, and she says that she could give us the code. Once again, Mo accepts and VIS tells him the password. Mo types it in and it appears to work as the controls unlock. We take off, and I focus on the trip we had taken to get here. Recalling the motions I felt I had a good idea of where we needed to go to get back to the Foreign Quarter of that Ganathian city. I launch us out of the hangar bay quickly and we proceed onwards, though that brought up an even bigger question….do we want to go back to the Foreign Quarter? We know Rossi has a whole gang there, and they would probably find it mighty suspicious that we return without Deekin (or anyone else for that matter, like this ship’s original pilots). Though we needed to get Winter to a surgical bay immediately. Do Ganathian’s even have that!!! I was sure hoping we could pull this one off. Though I was sure that VIS being aboard was going to complicated everything.


Awesome effort as always, James! So much detail! :) Great job!!! -Tim

Poncho's Logs 1.4

Nice writeup, every extensive :)

Poncho's Logs 1.4

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