Cratala is one of the various survivors living at the Retreat under Captain Harsol’s watchful command.

She is an Arkanian, and apparently is a cyberneticist of great skill and knowledge. The party has witnessed only a few of her works, having ‘enhanced’ some of the local Nexu into even greater killing machines than they already were.

She is quiet, reserved, but harbors a very real and very palpable fear of the Empire. During what little she has spoken, she has made it clear that she would prefer to face any other fate than to be returned to the Empire, and her words even hinted at having been close to the Chancellor himself at one time…

Still, she possesses a gentle spirit, by all appearances, and even politely invited the party on a tour of the Retreat the next day, if they so desired. But when the next day came, she found herself kidnapped by Yav Yivar and his mecenaries, and Harsol – quite agitated – frantically arranged for two search parties to retrieve her…


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