Captain Rel Harsol



Captain / Pilot


Captain Harsol is a hardened warrior with combat experience. In his mid fifties now, he spent the early part of his career commanding a small cruiser back for the Republic military, until the Empire rose to prominence.

Upon seeing the fall of the Republic, Harsol hatched a plan with his twilek underground contact, Ropok, to smuggle tech and precious minerals to be sold on the black market.

Taking command of a CIS treasury ship, Harsol’s plan was perfectly employed until the time came to flee the Empire. Some of his crew caught-on, and Harsol gathered them all together to explain his plan – and what the crew would gain from it if they cooperated. Those who refused were allowed to gather on a shuttle and depart – which proved to be a fatal mistake, as they quickly reported the captain’s plans to the new authority.

A series of running battles took place as Harsol sought to escape Empire space, and it was during the last battle that his ship, the Sa Nalaor, was damaged severely just before jumping into hyperspace. The result was a critical failure of the hyperdrive, and upon exiting hypserspace prematurely, the Sa Nalor found itself in uncharted territory – and in the grip of Cholganna’s nebula. With systems failing all over the ship, the planet’s gravity slowly pulled the floundering ship into its atmosphere, at which time the vessel plunged toward its jungled surface.

It was something of a miracle that Harsol and his crew were able to avoid plunging into one of the planet’s oceans and instead somehow guided its fall towards land.

A few crew who had a sudden change of heart made it to escape pods, but they, too, would end up on Cholganna regardless. Using what little power the massive treasury ship still had, Harsol and his crew were able to somewhat control the ship’s plummet, and that allowed much of the crew to survive the impact, instead of incinerating the entire craft upon impact.

Harsol survived, and retained command of the survivors. He immediately moved to destroy any distress beacons and long-range communications, instead deciding that this planet would become his people’s salvation, rather than a prison.

But three decades have past, and his leadership has slowly eroded over that time…

Captain Rel Harsol

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