B1 Droid Series

"Roger Roger!"


The B1 series droid refers to a catch-all category of basic, simple droids that were created to provide cheap, efficient fodder troops for various governments, large and small alike. They are generally cheap to create and fairly easy to program. Even so, they do possess powerful firewalls to prevent them from being ‘hacked’ without considerable effort.

This series, being humanoid in shape and function, can be re-purposed rather easily to perform other functions as needed. On some planets, salvaged B1 droids serve as basic mechanics, livestock herders, custodial crews, guides, even caretakers for children.

That being said, this droid series is not truly capable of independent thought, and is quite limited to its programming. Mechanical limitations prevent it from storing much knowledge, and very rarely do these droids possess more than the Basic language used to communicate with most sentient species in the galaxy. Nor does this series generally much in the way of ‘emotional’ capability.

Though flimsy-looking, the series has proven fairly durable, though there has yet to be one that has endured a wookie’s rage. This model has a wide variety of parts available for it that allows this model to be used in a variety of ways in urban and rural settings.

And, of course, all B1 series droids are programmed with basic “Battle” coding.

B1 Droid Series

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