Galaxy In Flames

Poncho's Logs 1.5

Mission: Find Rossi's Secret Base

…Initializing …

Password: * * * * *


… Scanning Fingerprint…

… Identity Confirmed…

Welcome Poncho :)

Creating New File: The Infestation…

→ Report: Day 6 – 8 | 1600 – ~700 Hours

So, we are now flying low in this shoddy, reconstituted freighter. We have no weapons to defend ourselves, and while the ship seems to be flying well enough, I doubted it would last in a fire-fight. Our only hope would be to do our best to get to a city fast…and I only knew where one was, and Rossi knows that one too. Hopefully, we can dodge scanners until that point. But, if Rossi really wanted to give chase, I have no doubt we’d be caught.

To make matters worse, VIS was on board with us. As she crawled out of the utility space in the cockpit to give Mo the password for the ships controls. Turns out VIS was some human woman with some augmentative cybernetics installed. Getting something drilled into your head must hurt. I wasn’t happy to see her, not only did she just yank us around and pretending that she was important. Compliment us all she wants, VIS still put Winter in a terrible predicament that we could have easily avoided.

Mo was much more welcoming than I, as I pretty much just ignored her existence. Much more important things, like getting this ship to get where it needs to go quickly! Mo asked for VIS’s name, which is apparently Mako. Mo thanked her for her help, but criticized her for putting Winter in such a predicament. Mako apologized and said she had to make sure that we could handle it. I scoffed at her, she didn’t have to do anything. Mako insisted it was necessary to see if we could escape, which I of course mentioned we already did. Mako seemed to believe that escaping the cells wasn’t at all a big deal and somehow being besieged by beasts in the basement was necessary to see if we could escape the base. We would have gotten out twice as fast without her help. In fact, according to her, she wouldn’t’ have even come with us if we didn’t “prove” ourselves, we could have dodged two bullets. I grumbled to myself as I opened this choppy ship’s panel and began adjusting the wiring in hopes of speeding this garbage heap up.

Mo continued to talk with the unwelcome guest, asking what Mako’s role in Rossi’s gang was. Mako seemed rather willing to divulge, not that I was listening. Something about Mako working to make money and get access to some tech that no one else had and Rossi speaking a good game (as if I believe that). Apparently, the job was easy enough (though the promised tech being Ganathian was a let down as it was so archaic no one is or would want to use it) and the pay was good. First, Mako was instructed to disable the satellites that scan for ships leaving the planet. Through a program of her own design, she made them undergo a continuous detection loop, meaning they just kept taking endless empty scans that they would send back to Ganath city and make them think everything was working fine. Honestly though, just making them send nothing would have done just as well, these people don’t have the tech to repair them quickly.

Anyways, Mako apparently began snooping around her boss’s own resources and discovered things that would probably get her fired, or worse. Rossi is working with some big honcho that has big plans (we all knew that, discovering it like mere seconds in, but what a great find). However, the real news was that this “Bigger Boss” had plans to use some sort of engineered bioweapon to attack planets with (the same creature that implanted its child in Winter). The weapon is designed to inject these eggs that gestate very quickly, and the hatching kills the host and then several new creature burrow back out of the host and then grow quickly into monsters that continue the baby booming. Mako said she watched a video of these creatures being unleashed on a group of humans somewhere destroying them all. Rossi and his gang then hunted them down. I guess the monsters are like a amalgam of a bunch of different creatures and designed to be tougher than any normal beast. However, Mako seemed very excited about discovering what she called a “weak-spot”. Mako told us that the monster’s (ingeniously named Xeno’s by Rossi) quick growth also gave it a hyper metabolism and the need to eat almost all the time (As If it could eat as much as me), without an immediate source of food they began to quickly starve to death (sometimes taking only hours or a few days). Apparently, they will even eat their own kind (what organized soldiers). The theory is that the monsters will be dropped onto a planet eat and breed their way through the populace of the planet until very little is left and die themselves. Then, the planet would be ripe for the occupation of…someone else. I’m not a very smart Toydarian, but that sounds…pointless? Aren’t resources one of the many reasons for a planet? Take those away and why would you want it. Pand mentioned buildings and the like would still be up, but I doubt that would be the case, I’m sure someone somewhere would make some call involving collateral damage of some sort. But, I wasn’t really listening, the engine needed some work.

Mako then said that Rossi had a “super secret” base that only a few trusted individuals would occupy. And, according to Mako, that is probably where Rossi went with that last base compromised. Lucky for us (ya..y….) Mako had a plan to find this base, we just had to get her access to the master controls of the satellite system in Ganath city. Mako said she had to access all the satellites at one time, and since the satellites are so old and crummy she couldn’t do it from any console. Then she started telling us how she can’t use blasters and the like. So…what does she bring to this?

Mo investigated what they were called (and Mako informed us that Rossi called them Xeno’s). However, Mako had no idea what Rossi’s goals were and assumed they may be at the “super secret” base. Mako also said that something on this planet (Ganath), a plant or something, was important to the creation of the creatures. Apparently, the radiation has weird effects on the flora and fauna on this place, and Mako did hear Rossi say that this place was special (that’s one word for it). Mo asked if Rossi and “Bigger Boss” planned on using these “Xeno’s” on Ganath as a test run to hide the evidence , and Mako said she didn’t know, but that it was possible. Apparently, the guy that Rossi works with plans on setting an example, and perhaps this planet could be it (yeah, destroy a planet most people think doesn’t exist, what an example). Mako then offered her help saying she owed us (since we got her out of the base, yay), and perhaps we could get to the “super secret” base and make Rossi talk. Mako was pretty negative about Winter’s chances, but I just informed her that should Winter die, the monster could eat her (Mako) and then we’d take care of it, since it was Mako’s fault we were in this position.

We decide that our best chance of saving Winter is biting the bullet and heading back to Ganath city, Rossi will know, but Winter is more important. I’ll run anyone over should they try to stop us. Fortunately, I was able to kick this rusty old ship into high gear and get us moving much faster than could be expected. Guess I finally did my job in this group, its too bad its for such terrible circumstances. With my boost in speed it only takes us three hours instead of six until we see the outskirts of the city. It would have been a pretty ride had I not been so worried about Winter, part of me felt Mo should just do his best to get that thing out, but everyone seemed so sure that a surgeon was needed. The planet below was clear of cities and instead large rivers, vast forests, and open plains.

With the city looming before us [in the late afternoon] (we approached from the South just as we left it), I stayed low, to avoid Ganathian patrols, flying through the city and then landing as close to the “Doctor’s Office” as I could (per our group’s plan). The populace seemed excited at the ship coming unexpectedly, and many gathered. Pand’Ora kept the grubby hands away as Mo, L’hrequ, and Asher carried Winter into the medical center (Mako followed, hopefully overwhelmed with guilt). With the payload delivered, and Pand’Ora keeping the hordes off, we wished Winter and the others the best and took the ship out of the city and landed it in the out-laying land roughly a twenty minute hike from the out-skirts of the city. We landed in a slight canyon near a pleasant lake that Pand’Ora mentioned would be a good hiding place, quite picturesque if I wasn’t envisioning a slimy alien popping out of Winter’s belly and eating everyone. Pand’Ora seemed equally worried, pacing around and flicking her tail. Eventually, we decided it was in our best interest to calm down and try to relax. With her help we built fishing poles and sat at the riverside talking. It was nice to have company to help with my worries, and I was curious if the fish here were edible. I also learned some things about Pand’Ora too. Apparently, she knows over 150 ways to kill Rossi utilizing just a stick. Fascinating, well…as long as I’m not at the end of that stick.

It was two hours until we heard back from everyone else….we waited with baited breathe for the results. Winter had endured through the surgery and the monster baby was smashed. However, Winter still needed two more hours of rest in the hospital to recover. We were also told that we had only barely made it in time. Apparently, the egg had burrowed faster than it was supposed to and had just reached Winter’s heart when surgery was started. Close call, guess it was a good thing that ship managed to go faster. Also, the bug that was inside Winter apparently was still alive when it was extracted… gross. Winter’s operation costed 1,250 credits (some of which was cheaper since Mo helped in the operation). Pand’Ora and I waited with the ship for and hour and forty minutes and then decided to leave the ship in its hiding place and hoof it back to the city. I told Pand’Ora I was never worried, I merely was chewing my nails because I was hungry (oh and the fish were edible…wait…).

We manage to reconvene with the rest of the group as night fell upon the city. Winter was sitting in a repulsor-chair being pushed by Asher…I was tempted to give her a big hug, but I imagined after her surgery that may not be the best idea. It seemed that the party wanted to stay in the city for the night. I recalled the fancy hotel deeper in the Foreign Quarter and so we headed that way (we couldn’t’ reasonably stay at the Stranded Cantina given our current Rossi escapade). Speaking of Rossi, as we were walking through town Pand’Ora again pointed out that spying Kubaz (or at least one that looked like it). L’hrequ seemed determined to catch him so I followed his example, the others, however, deemed it a lost cause and proceeded to the hotel. L’hrequ and I, now there is a weird strain of words, dashed for the Kubaz that lead us to another alley, this one breaking into a T. With the Kubaz nowhere in sight, L’hrequ went down the path leading to our right and I went down the left path. However, neither of us discovered our target. Guess Rossi (or at least his gang) knows we are here.

The hotel charged us five credits for the night, and I was more than willing to pay an additional five credits for night-long food service. Yummy! We all kind of split into our own rooms, guess despite this groups adventuring together they weren’t too interested in sharing a room. L’hrequ asked if he could share mine, and I barely could hold back my laughter, why would he want to share with me besides save his own money. However, it continued to be weird, he started asking me about my food and even ate some of the worms too. Most don’t like worms…and I don’t think L’hrequ really did. But it felt like he was…trying to be nice to me. Weird. Besides that strangeness, the night was uneventful. Guess Rossi’s gang didn’t feel an urge to stop us, or they knew they couldn’t. I’ll take either. I tipped the room server ten credits (twice the cost of the service) for doing a bang-up job constantly bringing food to my room before I regrouped with everyone else.

The next plan of action was to get another meeting with my favorite person, Emperor Brand. Mako decided to join us, makes sense since she was the one that said she needed access to the satellite hub. Mako even asked if we were going to go see a leader, surprised after all her hacking she didn’t come across at least one of Brand the Just’s titles. We dropped off the repulsor-chair back at the medical facility and left for the castle. Getting to the castle…palace….temple wasn’t difficult, hard to miss Brands HUGE ego, I mean infrastructure. When we arrived, the Ganathian guards tried to tell us that we couldn’t see Brand. L’hrequ was not going to have any of that and with that condescending voice he does so well, L’hrequ Paku Geil introduced himself in the full and told them that Brand was going to want to see him. The guard scoffed, and Pand’Ora threatened that Brand would be upset should we not see him. Confident we would be rebuffed, the guard went into the castle as we waited. Soon, he returned with an annoyed look on his face and we soon (ten minutes…rather long time) found ourselves with Brand’s permission for an audience as we are guided in. Mako grew steadily more excited as we proceeded, even asking if we were truly “friends” with Brand. L’hrequ said that he may have over-played his cards when mentioning to the guard of their friendship. Brand sure isn’t my friend. L’hrequ says that the two of them have a connection. They do like to talk privately.

We wander through the maze of a building until we get back to that over-sized throne room of Brand’s Conceit. And, once again, we trek our way across the room to Brand who is floating over the stairs. Probably just lives there. L’hrequ bows and introduces himself…again. I do no such thing. Brand then has the audacity to say that we had been finding the Foreign Quarters to our liking. L’hrequ and Winter said it was alright, but Mo I think sneezed something like Nerf Pudu or something. I sarcastically said if only there was somewhere else we had beds on this planet, i.e. our ship, but Brand didn’t’ want to talk to me. Can’t blame him, the feeling is mutual. Brand mentioned Mako’s existence and L’hrequ introduced her. Finally, Brand asked what brought us back to his “hallowed” (haha) halls. Winter told Brand that we had information on plenty of traffic going back and forth from the planet and then introduced her brother. Winter proceeded to explain the situation as we knew it, but also mentioned that while “we” want to help the planet, we would also like to get off this planet afterwards. Mo then brought up Rossi’s and “Big Boss’s” plan to use the monsters to destroy populations, and could perhaps be used on this planet. Brand asked how we know of this, and if we had seen it, and Mo explained Winter’s personal experience with the monster and its larva. Additionally, Mo and Winter discussed how voracious the creatures are (Mo saying they could eat through the population of the planet in a few days, and Winter said a city in a few hours). To add to the description, Mo said that they were also hard to kill, taking our whole crew to take one down and we were all heavily armed (well, I wasn’t but…).

Brand takes a few moments to think, before asking if there is more than one of these creatures. HAHA, like no we killed the only one that’s why were telling you this. Mo was polite and said that while we were unsure, some may have already left the planet and that Rossi had another “secret” base on the planet. However, Mo had to inform Brand that the satellites had been altered to hide Rossi from Brand and the Ganathian’s eyes. As if these people deserve their Xenophobic imprisoning devices. Winter brought up that we heard that there was something special about Ganath, a plant or something, that allows them to engineer these Xeno creatures. (Kind of noticing the irony in that a planet super Xenophobic is being used to create a deadly monster that is an amalgam of alien [to this planet] species]. Mo told Brand that Rossi is working under the “Bigger Boss” and that the two were planning to take these Xenos to different planets to basically take them over. Brand wondered if these creature had already been unleashed (you’d think his Forceyness could sense his populations of Ganathians being eaten). Mo said we do not know at that we “barely” escaped out of Rossi’s base. Mo did mention that we know how to get back to the old base, and that it may be a good idea to raid that place to perhaps find information as to where the rest of the creatures have been taken too. Brand said that if we send him the coordinates he would send a team there immediately. Not to be mean, but will the Ganathian’s even know how some…most of that tech works. Eh, whatever floats this man’s hoverlift. Winter offered our continual help since they had a score to settle with Rossi, and Pand’Ora brought up the threat looming in the second base. I chimed in that Mako wants to use Brand’s satellites to discover this “secret base’s” location. Brand seemed confused why the new person would suggest such a thing, what satellites finds something besides people seeking to leave this hell-hole. Who would have guessed? Mako stepped forward and said that she could use the satellite set and, in using them all together, she could locate the base, and that she is very confident in her ability to do so. Mako seemed a bit twitterpated to be talking to “royalty” it was kind of funny. Brand gave her the “Judgmental Eye” before telling her that she was the one that messed with his satellites in the first place. Mako looked uncomfortable and said that indeed it was her. Mako says that she was blinded by greed and realized her mistake when she found out what Rossi’s plan was. However, she said she wanted to make it up to him by helping them find the base. Brand continued being a super doosh and questioned her as to how he would know she wouldn’t just do the opposite and instead use the equipment in his facility against them (the Ganathians). Mo said that he would watch her, but I just pointed out that, at the moment, the satellites weren’t doing anything to help the Ganathian’s anyway [not that they ever did] and so what could Mako really do to make things worse than that. Mo said that she went to great lengths to escape the base as proof she was trustworthy (yeah, she sat around and made us dance what a partner. Didn’t even give us proper directions). Brand looked at Mo intently and then said if L’hrequ’s friend Mo would keep an eye on her then he would allow it (Can’t even say Mo’s name, great guy). Brand continued by saying that if Mako even shows hints of betrayal we needed to let him know. Mo agreed to those terms. Mako looked like she felt really regretful.

With that, Brand told us that he was going to send a squadron to attack the base with the coordinates that we had given him, and that he was going to have the Magistrate lead us to the satellite control room. Winter pushed that after we help Brand with this that he would let us leave the planet with our ship and Brand’s blessing (As if he could stop me). Brand said that this act will prove to him that we are “allies” to his people and he would allow us to leave. Winter said that she knows it’s a very rare gift and accepted it (Brand saying that indeed it was, since they are all xenophobic and all). L’hrequ told Brand that it was a wise decision, and Brand said that it seems the best course unless shown otherwise.

The Magistrate soon wandered up to us (without being summoned) and Brand told him to take “his friends” to the control room to access the satellites. The magistrate seemed shocked at the idea and sought reiteration. Brand told him that we were to use the satellites to find a dangerous base on the planet. The Magistrate still pressed and said that no foreigners ever get to go to the control room, but Brand was unrelenting and the Magistrate eventually gave in, and started to lead us onward. L’hrequ tried to calm the Magistrate down by telling him it was for the best, and that we only want to save them. The Magistrate said that a lot of foreigners promise such things, so what made us different. L’hrequ told him the main difference was that they were making promises while he was merely stating a fact. Pand’Ora added in that we had stopped a deadly beast from gobbling up the Ganathians, but when asked for proof, Pand’Ora said we didn’t have to prove anything to him. The Magistrate said that that was true, and we only had to prove ourselves to Emperor Brand who seems to have taken a liken to our word. A mistake, perhaps, the Magistrate added. Pand’Ora told him that she was sure to tell the Emperor of what the Magistrate said. I was growing kind of fond of the narrow-minded Xenophobe that is the Magistrate. Anyone that gives the Emperor sass can’t be all bad. I even added that I wouldn’t trust us either, a statement the Magistrate jumped on. We were going to be the best of friends.

We followed the Magistrate as he lead us through the long maze-like hallways and eventually to a spiraling staircase. At the top of the stairs, in front of the door, the Magistrate told us that we needed to remember that what we see in here is all secret. And we were not to share this information with anybody or it would betray the Emperor’s trust in us, and that would be a very bad thing. So, what I am about to describe to you, you can’t “tell” anyone, OK? (Not that anyone would want this information). Winter and Mo told him that they wouldn’t tell, Winter saying they had no interest in losing Brand’s trust and Mo promising not to tell anyone about their primitive technology.

With that, the door to he “Secret” control room was opened. It was quite a large room, hosting a large matter of antique looking machines. They had thousands of knobs, buttons, and flashing lights on them. Some even had this like…tape-like substance rolling between them. They were loud and whirring and took several operators to manage, as they stretched from wall-wall. The satellites themselves sent their images to…a radar screen of sorts with merely blipping lights as indicators of things going on. The dozen of Ganathians were jotting notes on clipboards as they roamed about. That was, until we entered and all action halted. The “engineers” all seemed shocked as we entered. The Magistrate introduced us as honored guests of the Emperor and that we were to receive their assistance in the “experiment” we were going to conduct. The workers stepped aside and Mako approached the machines, she seemed shocked and a bit lost at the ancient tech, swearing under her breathe, until finally she seemed to see something she at least basically understood and began working on it. Mo and I also stepped in and started working on another machine to help Mako decipher the ancient tech code. Mo reminded him of equipment from his early years, some of it appearing Imperial. Mako was surprised that the simplicity of this system actually worked, but the system was set up so one console controlled one satellite, with no interlinking. The ganathian operator said that was in case one of the consoles broke, and something about redundant systems. Mako kind of brushed off the uneducated statement. Mako asked if any of us had any mechanical training, which was just Mo and I (not that I was specialized, but this looked like working in the factory). And she directed us to separate panels and gave us instructions on what to do. We seemed to do alright, fiddling around with the instruments. Appears that there is a blanket of satellites that surrounds the planet from pole to pole. Mako told us that we had to move the satellites to Triangulate on a type of radiation that she knew Rossi’s machines gave off and that we could pick up on. Guiding us along, the three of us begin moving the satellites and after about ten minutes of work, Mako exclaims that she got something! Mako gives us coordinates of a faint detection of the radiation we were looking for. It was a different location that the first base, and figured that this was the location we were looking for. Finally! Though strangely, Mo went up and whispered something to Mako and she said that she had to do one more search and winked at him. Weird. Mako fiddled around with the machines for another five minutes after which she said she confirmed those coordinates and winked again. What were those two up to? Still, after about a half an hour In this top secret location, we could finally leave. Mako said that she was confident in the location, unless the Ganathian’s had something going on, so I asked, but none of them even reacted. Jokes on them if we find it then (for even more pathetic tech). The Magistrate once again reminded us that we couldn’t share information on this place, and we all kind of laughed. Winter even said that this room had nothing to write home about. The Magistrate didn’t believe it, saying that this room was everything. Mo told him it was a beauty, and the Magistrate was proud of it.

We once again were escorted away as always, and the Magistrate asked us what we will do next. And we told him that we were going to go to the coordinates that we found, but first they wanted to talk to Brand to fill him in on our plan. Along the way, Mako and Pand’Ora talked about Pand’Ora’s relationship with Rossi and the soon to be widowing. Mako was shocked since Rossi seemed to be super into Pand’Ora. When we get back to Brand, he asks what we learned and Mo tells him that we found the coordinates to the second base and that he reversed the program on the satellites so they can once again pick up ships coming or going (WHY?!). Mo said it was to help in case Rossi tries to flee or the creatures are attempted to be brought off planet. Brand appreciated it, so you know it was a bad idea. Unless we plan on shutting it down again… so many people would like to get off this hellhole, including me! Ugh. When asked about his air capability, Brand mentioned that they had plenty of the strange ships that found us arriving to Ganath, and that there may be more “secret” ships that his is not at liberty to discuss, which made the Magistrate give Brand a intense glare. I also assume they have a large number of ships that they stole from the others stuck on this planet. Mo suggested that the Ganathians shoot down any ships that try to escape Ganath as any of them could contain this “bio-weapon.” Sucks if an innocent had finally got his plan in motion to escape. Brand said that he would dedicate a flight of fighters to the area as soon as possible. Brand asked if were planning on going to the new base, which we were of course doing. However, Brand asked if we could do him a favor and try to obtain information from the base instead of destroying it. Brand wanted to know the location of all the beasts, as he worried if even one escaped it could be disastrous. Mo said that he would do the Emperor’s bidding. Brand said he could just raid the base and destroy it, but said that information is much more important and we should try to take a prisoner. L’hrequ said that we had seen the horrors these creatures cause and we would do so. Brand, as a way of thanking us for doing something we hadn’t even done yet offered us back our own ship as a reward. What a nice jerk, giving us back what is actually ours. The Magistrate didn’t look too pleased. I inquired to the Magistrate about the secret ships, as they could also prove useful, but all I got was a glare from him and I was nothing but kind to him. The others didn’t seem at all interested and just pushed us on-wards. The Magistrate sadly lead us away to our ship, and I told him that he should come with us to watch over us if he was worried. No response. L’hrequ, however, was once again asked to stay behind to talk “in secret.” This planet seems full of them.

So we once again waited for L’hrequ and Brand to finish their chat. In the meantime, I decided I would befriend the Magistrate and the others. They are really great listeners, too bad they always have such scowl. Winter asked if the Magistrate lives within the castle, and we found out he did. The guards didn’t seem to know anything about secret ships. Everyone seemed to think I was trying to egg on the Magistrate (egg, like their heads), but I was honestly being nice. When L’hrequ eventually returned, he told the Magistrate that Brand had given us permission to contact him (the magistrate) at any time and the Magistrate had to hand over his frequency. L’hrequ also asked the Magistrate if they had spies in the courts service, to which he was told their were, and with that answer L’hrequ told them that they should keep their eyes on the Kubaz in the Foreign Quarters as they are hard to tail and have been watching the group. The Magistrate seemed to take this more than a warning and planned on ordering the Kubaz’s capture and questioning.

After that, the Magistrate lead us to our ship, which was only being guarded by four measly guards. We totally could have easily got out of here. The guards see the Magistrate and stand attention as they all let us board. I asked the Magistrate to come with us, but he seemed like he didn’t want to impede, how polite (well seemed more like he wanted to chuck something off the edge of the platform). When Mako boards she gets all excited with the ship, saying that it looked mighty fine (she didn’t know a yt-1300 could be so nice) and Winter and her began walking off talking about color coordination, Feng Shui, and other stuff as they toured the ship. Asher thought the ship was a junk since Winter’s room at home was larger than the ship itself. With everyone aboard and Mako distracted, Mo went around disabling all other terminals besides the ones in the cockpit before joining me in the cockpit, we take off and head for the coordinates. We also learn that Mako is the hacker that Mo needs to help him with whatever senstitive data lies within Mo’s memoryThe journey is mostly clear, mostly valley and hills with little to no trees across the ground. When we fly over a canyon where the coordinates were located, there was no base visible. Mo figured that the base could be underground so we landed the ship in a clearing about half a kilometer from the coordinates. It was about six in the morning as we disembarked.

I take my scooter and Load-lifting gear (to help me carry it if necessary), and fly out. A bit late, as it would have been amazingly helpful earlier, which is really the main reason I am taking it now. The speeder in the hangar bay is also taken off and utilized by Winter and Mo. Mako wanted to stay behind, but at the group’s insistence, she caves, but requests that she is protected as she isn’t skilled at marksmanship. Pand’Ora hands Mako her Carbine, seeing that Mako only was armed with a Vibroknife, and even took time to train her in its use. Ashe was told to stay behind and guard the ship, which he doesn’t want to do, but eventually does so when told.

And so we all scatter to search for the base. Though most of us don’t find anything, except Pand’Ora who hears a strange humming sound in the distance. Following Pand’Ora’s directions we all discover a generator of sorts hiding behind a large bush that was beeping and blooping and had a strange light coming from it. It wasn’t Ganathain tech, given it actually looks advanced, and L’hrequ tells us that he believes it’s a holoprojector of sorts. L’hrequ also told us that he believes that this is merely one projector of an entire set being used. As Winter and Mo flew over to us, they said at one point along their path they saw a brief glance of a city that quickly faded, explaining that this group of projectors is probably what is hiding it. Mo felt that we shouldn’t disable it, as it could warn those in the base that we had arrived. Winter and Mo then flew off again to find that same point, parked their speeder and walked to where the scene changed for them. Peeking in, they saw a set of six buildings all seeming high-tech and modern along with several rows of canvas tents. Additionally, the “secret base” seemed to have a At-ST walker, An old and weathered AT-AT walker (that was brown and growing weeds), as well as a Yt-2300 that could be someone named Yav’s ship. Seems we found our base.



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