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Poncho's Logs 1.1

Mission: Rescue Asher on the Wheel

…Initializing …

Password: * * * * *


… Scanning Fingerprint…

… Identity Confirmed…

Welcome Poncho :)

Creating New Folder: The Mission…

→ Report: Day 1 | 1800 – 2000 Hours

Writing reports sounds easier than one thinks, at least until you realize that you only have three fingers. Lucky, Nancy taught me how to write basic so I can at least accommodate.

Right, the mission. Well, my new friend Mr. Dak wants me to help out a group of people. Says they are his friends too, and need a pilot. I’ve done taxi in the past, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. So long as they just need transport. Given I’ve only ever left Toydaria, I don’t really know hyperspace that well.. that is what it’s called yes. I’d assume Mr. Dak informed them of such…though maybe I should tell them?

The group looked like something out of Nar Shadda, a mattering of different aliens and even a robot. I flew over to introduce myself, and the human took the first shake. Her name was Winter Pax, and she had lovely white hair, but didn’t seem at an age for such. Her handshake was strong, sign of a negotiator, and her sapphire eyes had a certain intensity to them. Fortunately, she seems quite pleasant.

Another was not a alien I recognized, I was told she is Togorian. Giant seems right, or giant kitty. Pandora (I’m told its Pand’Ora) was easily two of me, and I’m a big toydarian. Her golden fur was rather soft despite her fierce build. Though she seemed a bit distracted by something most of the time, her green eye bobbing back and forth. I wonder what is was?

The robot was model M0-F0, I think I’ll call it Mo. I’m no expert on droids, but I don’t think I’ve seen a model like its, almost was a walking fortress. Though, it seemed to like clothes and it had a cute hat on. Mo would probably bother my father, very direct, but that can work with me.

The last man was La-wreck, LA-rook, well I’m told its spelled L’Hreque. He seemed almost human, but had an almost conical forehead. Probably has a hard time finding a hat like Mo’s that could stay on. The cone was decorated by a ponytail of grey hair, though I’, sure he had more hair in his goatee. His blue eyes appeared as if he was gauging me all the time. Still seems nice, but doesn’t like to shake hands.

Perhaps the most intimidating thing was the weaponry that Mo and Pand’Ora had. Mighty blasters that could probably melt through a door. I do hope they don’t need to be used that often, they do seem pretty shiny. I’m not all that good in a blaster show, I’ve got Nancy (I feel I should note its not my friend by the firearm I named after her), but I mostly use here to pretend I know how to use it….not really for shooting. Maybe they do the same?

Apparently, it was as I was told. Originally they were traveling with someone named Brak, but that person had to follow a lead to a ship or something. Must’ve been important, and I know all about chasing after a dream. Hopefully though that fellow doesn’t end up under the thumb of a crime lord though. Mr. Dak had a letter from this Brak, and handed it to them. It was some rather heartfelt good-byes and a warning to avoid level 13.

The group had come to ask Mr. Dak for some information on someone named Rossi and a meeting they had with him. I don’t think they liked Rossi much, Pand’Ora seemed to growl at the mention of Rossi, and Winter seemed mighty worried. Unfortunately, while Mr. Dak could get the info, the timing would make things rather expensive. However, Mr. Dak did introduce me to the group as a pilot. It’s defiantly intimidating to replace another pilot, especially for space travel. Their ship is a YT-1300 named Silver Bucket, good to see I’m not the only one that names vehicles cute names. I’ve got my little SugarScoot scooter in my room. Mo showed me some of the specs on his datapad and I hope I looked excited, I don’t really know my spaceships, but this one looked good. I think. Apparently, she (the ship) is very resourceful!
Mo was seeking a hacker to help him with something too, and asked Mr. Dak to help him find this person. Mr. Dak agreed and Mo offered the usual finders fee (I’d comment on it, but I don’t know what it is [and no negotiations either]).

The meeting that the party had with Rossi was going to happen soon on level 20, warehouse 66 on the wheel. Apparently, it was to be the area where a negotiation was to be hosted. The deal, Winter in exchange for her brother, Asher. They seemed to have a good relationship According to Pand’Ora, her husband [Rossi] (of whom she seeks to kill) was a low-life on her planet. Rossi seems to be a slaver of some kind, selling whole villages of his fellows as slaves. I wonder if he does deals with the Hutts? Still, Rossi doesn’t sound like a nice person at all.

Mr. Dak was able to pull up a schematic of the warehouse for us, apparently it had no owner information (what trader wouldn’t claim his storage?). It seemed to be pretty standard, as far warehouses go. Lots of boxes of this or that. Their were multiple entrances, one on each side (and two on the main side if you count the loading door). And a few ventilation ducts on the farther end about my size. In fact…I can just place it here:


After we finished discussing the plans of the warehouse, the conversation became more merry and eating was to be done. L’hrequ (I really should shorten it to Larry) seemed a bit astonished at my appetite. I could see him eyeing me as I gulped my food. I’m more shocked at his appetite, does his species survive off of drinks alone? Works for me though, more food on our travels! Mo asked how Mr. Dak and I met, and Mr. Dak explained that he was always on the look for good pilots, and saw my work which led him to picking me up. It was a mutually benefital agreement, as I wanted off my planet (didn’t tell them it was Nar Shaddaa). However, he also explained it was my first job and asked I be treated well. A very basic explanation, but it would do. Nice of him to ask them to look after me though, how dangerous was this going to be? I was warned that Mo may be a bit abrasive, but I have yet to really see that.

At about 7 PM, we had all finished eating (well, most of us I could have used another helping of fish). We started discussing the plan for dealing with Rossi. L’hrequ seemed a bit unsure about killing Rossi (preferring he be brought to justice). Pand’Ora was alright with that, telling L’hrequ that she would kill him (I suppose leaving the guilt off of L’hrequ). Winter, while mentioning she would normally agree, said that Rossi crossed a line taking her brother and was ok with Rossi’s death. However, Winter did note that her main priority was rescuing her brother. Seems, it was going to be pretty dangerous.

The set up so far was that Winter and Mo would enter for the meeting, but Winter was hoping the rest of her friends would follow in somehow like hidden in a crate or something. There weren’t any balconies or upper levels, which prevented coming from above, or at least hiding there. Winter asked me if I would assist, granting that this mission was a bit out of the “pilot” range. I didn’t mind helping (in fact, I’m sure I had to), but I didn’t want them to think of some some gunslinger. Nancy is accurate, but I’m not. Winter told me she appreciated help of any kind, but L’hrequ commented that at the very least I would be another target….gulp, and I thought I was supposed to be worried about Mo. When Winter asked about my skills, I let her know about my determination, negotiation skills (no where near my father however), and my luck [which does seem to be on my side most of the time…well besides that crash]. L’hrequ began to describe Toydarian facts…I felt awkward.

Winter brought up the idea of entering in a crate, and something about L’hrequ appearing invisible to them (that seems weird, stealth suit?). However, L’hrequ didn’t seem to confident that would work for a long time. He offered to enter with them, but then scamper off to a hiding place. Winter liked the idea of sending them inside the warehouse as a crate (a particularly large crate) and Mo added that they could plan on sending the crate ahead of time so they were both in position. L’hrequ was not too keen on the tight conditions, but eventually agreed. Mo was able to get into the computer and then change the shipping manifest to make the party’s crate replace another delivery. I offered to use the ventilation system to get in, as my skills in detecting lies could make me seeing Rossi a boon.

With a plan in motion, we all went to their docking bay to construct the crate. Pand’ora was excited to get in the box, and was more than willing to hold onto Mo’s rifle for him (it was the size of me). Additionally, Mo removed his clothes and hat to appear more droid-y, and packed a blaster into his medical backpack (I didn’t know he was a doctor). Winter prepared her blaster as well (And said she had a 22 Defender hidden away on her). I got to see the Silver Bucket as well, looked like a good enough ship. As we were setting up the crate, we discussed me sneaking into the vents and using my comm to tell them what the scene looked like. Agreeing, and setting up our contact information, I scampered off to find my entrance.

Wandering across the Wheel (which takes forever without my SugarScoot) I managed to find the little ally-like path to the vent access. People were walking by constantly, and I wasn’t sure what the laws on such things are like here, so I tried to get in quietly. Being quiet was fine, but getting the grate open quietly was a problem for me. Eventually, I did get the grate open (without dropping it or anyone noticing), tied my syntherope on the bars and flew in, pulling the grate back into place behind me before taking my rope back and starting my crawl.

It was a tight fit, with my belly being so round…I should have skipped that second helping of fish. Though, of course, thinking about fish made me hungry again. With a little effort I managed to pull myself to the top of the vent, where I could see into the warehouse. Looking around, it appeared I arrived early. Which is good. Currently, about ten warehouse workers (at least I guess that is what they were) setting things up. I even saw the crate containing L’hrequ and Pand’ora enter and be put to one side. Soon, the employees slowly shuffled out of the room and things fell quiet for awhile. That was until I heard the door below me open and some people shuffled in. I didn’t see the giant cat-man as I was expecting, but rather a group of four humans and even two jawas (I believe that’s what they are called anyways, Hutts used to talk about them). The group mostly spread among the crates in the warehouse in an attempt to spring a surprise on Winter and Mo (I was guessing anyways), except for two of them who brought a certain crate off of a pile and put in in the center of the room where they waited. Thinking ahead, I used my datapad to snap footage to send the others so they knew about the trap ahead of time.

Soon, Winter and Mo entered the room (still no Rossi, however,) and approached the two men that stood next to the crate. The men behind the crate implied that Asher was trapped inside the crate that the two men had, when Winter asked where he was. Additionally, they were told to wait for Rossi. So we waited more…and more… and to be fair I was in that vent for over an hour now and my stomach was starting to rumble something awful. So I began to snack on some of my rations. Luckily their gooey texture didn’t make too much noise.

Eventually, one of the humans got a call and began talking to someone. The man said that they were here (assuming Mo and Winter) and then the man got a crooked smile on his face. Seeing a twinge in his arm, I noticed he was going to go for his gun and called out a warning as the firefight began! It was hectic, and I’m not really sure all that went on, I’m no soldier. Jawa’s hopped out of their hiding places and shot nets or something out of their rifles that tied up Winter, but Mo was able to avoid them. Soon, our crate burst open and Mo’s rifle flew out and into the droid’s arms he proceeded to begin blasting the enemy down. The energy seemed intense, but only seemed to knock out their targets. Pand’Ora joined in with the blasting, but her heated beams showed no mercy as she shot to kill. Even more suprising, and extremely notable, was L’hrequ who flipped out of the crate and then drew a lightsaber out of its hiding place! Go invisible?! Lightsaber?! L’hrequ is a jedi!? That explained a bit, but I had to withhold my judgment (King Katuunko rest in piece as my father would say), and try to help him out.

If a Jedi was caught among us it would be bad news, so I attempted to access the cameras to cut out the footage or at least deactivate them, but…I didn’t really have a clue how to do it so I suppose I just wasted time, as the heated battled continued on the floor. Winter, trapped in some kind of electronic net blasted the man that was trying to drag her away, but was still entrapped! Seeing Winter in danger, Mo blasted the one dragging her as L’hrequ handled the men in the back with his blue-bladed lightsaber. Pand’ora blasts another one of the humans across the room with her rifle, and I just hear a mighty crash.

The jawas, sneaking around, grabbed Winter again and began dragging her to the rear-door of the warehouse. I knew I couldn’t risk shooting at them (for fear of hitting Winter with my poor training) I instead flapped out of my hiding spot and hovered to block their escape. Pulling out my Fusion Cutter, and utilizing my factory training, I melted the door closed to prevent any chance of them taking Winter to their boss. However, it seemed like it was all in vain as Winter cried out to her brother, as her mouth began frothing as she withed in agony until she was still. It was all so sudden and I hadn’t been paying enough attention, I was positive this was the end of her. I really botched this job up, and I barely been assigned to it. I heard Pand’Ora cry out and soon after another foe fell. With only one Jawa remaining it fled off into the warehouse, and Mo and I were unable to track it. Still, we moved our attention to the more pressing matter of Winter, who, upon Mo’s medical check-up, was apparently fine. I gave a sigh of relief as the Pand’Ora’s blaster blasted away the last of the foes in the room.

Able to finally catch our breath a little, I helped Mo untangle Winter from her entangling mess safely, apparently if you try to break the cords normally, they electrocute the person inside. A fact we learned as L’hrequ tried to cut himself out of his entanglements (he was entrapped by the Jawas at some point) and experienced the sharp jolt. Still, they were nothing for the Jedi who eventually cut his way out. I attempted to bring the Jedi matter up, but the life-cradling crate that supposedly held Asher was still lying in wait. I doubted his presence within, as why would Rossi leave behind the object that helps him goad Winter and not be there himself? Still, the Jedi didn’t seem as worried and he threw open the crate after Mo didn’t notice any irregularities about the container.

The container was a trap, however, and I could hear the clinging of metal and the snapping of machine work as an alarm began to ring out. Mo slammed down and sat upon the crate, but it was of little use. The lid blew off, sending Mo on a crash course towards the floor. From the crate, rose some kind of battle-droid. It was round, you could almost say hunched, and had some nasty looking blasters for hands. To make matters worse, it seemed to have a deflector shield as well as being larger than a human in size. The Jedi didn’t seem to thrilled to see it as it began blasting at him. Pand’Ora began firing upon the droid (landing a nasty shot into its head-like apparatus), and I, not thinking, dash up with my fusion cutter and did my best to melt apart pieces of the droid as if it was a factory piece. Unfortunately, the enemy seemed to prepare for such events as we did and two trandoshans popped out of crates one blasting a heated beam into my shoulder as I yelped in pain. The other taking a shot at the Jedi, who was currently was occupied blocking blaster bolts from the battle-droid, so he could only block some of the trandoshan’s laser blasts. The others hit home and the Jedi was looking rather hurt and went for cover.

Winter, still in her fake death, was grabbed by the Jawa that got away and was beginning to be dragged away again! However, this time Winter wasn’t going to take it lying down and I heard a laser blast from where she was dragged to.

As for myself, now worried about the trandoshans and the droid I attempted to become even safer, cutting a hole in the hull of the droid I clambered unto its chassis (hoping it couldn’t shoot me there), and hoped that if the trandoshans shot at me they’d hit the big droid instead. My worries were cut short though as the others were able to easily dispatch the trandoshans as I continued to slowly burn away at the droids neck-like piece until it was cut clean through and the droid collapsed. All invigorated, I made a joke about how it had a head problem which seemed to make at least Pand’Ora laugh, though it could have just been relief. I knew I was relieved, even with the nasty burn that decorated my race-suit. It does seem Mo is a doctor too, as he fixed everyone up, including myself. I was rather grateful we had all made it through decently enough, though it was a pity we hadn’t rescued Asher.

Though, we did get a clue as to where Asher may be. Inside the remnants of the crate was a holodisk that had a message mostly directed to Pand’Ora. Seems Rossi was her husband and liked calling her “cat-nip” (note Pand’Ora doesn’t seem to like that). Rossi told Pand’Ora that he wanted to meet her on Ganath and tried to convince her that what he was doing was for the good of their people. Pand’Ora seemed unconvinced, or at least convinced even more so to kill the guy. And, he still had Asher, so I’m sure, even had Pand’Ora not wanted to kill him, we’d still head that direction regardless. However, before we leave, we have some Jedi cleaning up to do to ensure we aren’t in even more trouble.

Thanks, Jedi….


Awesome write-up! Welcome to the Silver Bucket!

Poncho's Logs 1.1

Great job James.

Poncho's Logs 1.1

Nice job, James! 2 more XP to add to your total! :)

Poncho's Logs 1.1

Thank you, everyone! :D

Poncho's Logs 1.1

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