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Pod Race

Journal Excerpt of L’hrequ Paku Geil
Cerea. Some time ago…

We made like we were taking a transport off Cerea. We weren’t of course and instead headed to the arch in the ruins. Ruins of a great race long gone from our planet. That race which left in its path an ancient Hyper-gate.
It was at this sacred site, on the threshold of using the gate’s transportative powers that my uncle bade me sit. He then presented me with a slender parcel of some length and weight wrapped in course cloth. “This comes from the Mundi family.” He said pulling at the wrappings.
Revealed was a sword of untold age yet astonishing quality and appearance. Made of a metal mixed and lined almost like marble. It had a curve to it and dazzling gems set at the pommel and in the guard. Sleevox continued, “Ki-Adi Mundi had no heirs. The Mundi’s, as you know, are old friends of your family. They know of your secret. And yes, I am to blame as I have kept them abreast of your progress throughout the years.”
Then, a sparkle lit his closely clustered eyes and he said, “Take it! Hold it! Feel the force through it my nephew.”
“I do uncle, I do feel it!” I said aloud and to my own surprise I really did feel something.
“They wanted you to have this when were old enough. They told me they want you to continue where Ki-Adi Mundi no longer can. Now come, let’s start on the hyper-gate so we can find that…” Lasers lanced between just past Sleevox! “Uncle! Behind you! Troopers!”

The Wheel
Present time

Pax as it turns out is wanted by authorities. Okay with me. Probably means she’s done the empire wrong. Something about her says she’d be a danger to any who might be hunting her.

After fending off some of her fans, we congregated again at Remo’s favored cantina, Mila’s Comet. A typical space bar with typical patrons. As we sit, eyes fall upon us from an out-of-the-way table. Purposefully I’d say, to gain our attention. It worked. Brak buys the merchant a very costly bottle of some intoxicant. When the hired help serves him this, he waves us all over.

Waroon Dak, a staple in this cantina, and a Corellian, was flanked by two fawning Twilek females. He fancies himself one of the Wheel’s leading information brokers or as I might better put it, a professional rumor salesman. We asked him to tell us more about a contact he mentioned who just returned from a hunting trip on Cholgana, our destination world.

We pressed for more, his lips shrunk but managed to say with a tilted head, “Now I’d go hungry if didn’t remind you what I do to survive wouldn’t I?” We had to work to find a price but it came out in the end, as did our credsticks. With a Jawa smile, he looked and pointed over our shoulders across the room, “There he is, your game hunter, he can tell you plenty about Cholgana.” We all took the bait and turned, feeling a bit rolled by the transaction.

Before we left though I threw out my Uncles name and that I had lost him in the last year or so and that he might have been seen wandering the Perlemian Trade Route. I also told him he was a gree and we were supposed be looking for a Holocron together but got split up. He revealed, as a matter of fact, he had indeed seen and spoke with Sleevox within the last few months but had no more to add than their casual non-descript hand-shake reunion.

What stuck out however was his failure to hide his troubled reaction to my mention of the Holocron. But that was it, just a shadow across his face, then, “No. Holocron you say? No, no word, no… nothing.” Hmm. Okay I thought. Pushing would likely just lead to haggling and that to nothing.

The hunter, as it turned out was a wookie. This wookie was eating. We decided to stall to avoid being mistaken as dessert. When we did go back and forth he played it up a bit vague until we mentioned we’d pay for his ‘experience’ on Cholgana. I specifically mentioned maps of exactly everywhere he had been. This worked and we all walked away happy. Happy to walk away anyway.

For our credits the wookie captain, Shorwarr did give us his maps and even the navi-coordinates. So it was not a total waste of time. We also learned about the vegetatively violent world we were headed to. As a result we decided we’d pick up a few more items relevant to the environment before heading back to the docking bay holding our loaner ship.

Our return was delayed when we could not just pass a line of slaves being lead to their likely offworlding ship. We called the others who were not with us and made to cut them off down a side corridor. We did this then witnessed abuses they would heap on the captives.

Compromising the lead man’s mind I moved past him and down to the next corner. The slaves saw me of course but were seemingly addled by something other than the Force. Moments later blaster fire could be heard back towards the main corridor, then Pand’ora rounded the corner and after her the leader, a slaver called Gaul moved to the corner just behind her and loosed a bolt at us. I reflected it into the plasteel sidewalls and in a moment I was on him with my ancient blade.

A few well-placed wounds and a few words later, Gaul called off the few slavers that hadn’t been taken down by the others in our group. It was over. We found a storage room and fused them in. We then lead the slaves back to our ship telling them we would transport them all to Pand’ora’s homeworld on route to Cholgana.

Mo and I went to Remo’s to ask if he ideas on what to do with the freed slaves. But his place had been broken into. We found blood but no bodies. We also found that the pod was gone. On our way back we happened to fall upon a group of infamous Rodians in a grav-sled transporting something under a blanket. Something protocol droid shaped.

We called the others and closed in. I spent a considerable amount of energy trying to get on their sled and finally did but not without taking and deflecting a lot of incoming fire. Mount it I did, and we finally disabled it with precise blaster fire from Mo and the others and a few close quarter sword strikes. We then got the droid back to our hanger and took off with the busted up droid and more than a few slaves.

May the Force be with us.


The bulge under the blanket was missile-shaped? You are going to give IT3PO delusions of grandeur. I believe it was under the blanket, not the message pod.

The rodians attacked Shira when she landed and stole IT3PO. We got it back and took it to the ship. We took off, with IT3PO and the slaves with us, flying out of the hanger when….

Tune in tomorrow.

Pod Race

Nice writeup, thank your Mr Conehead.

Pod Race

Too much of that Togarian wiskey Cake!
Fixed ;^)

Pod Race

Ryshcate…with Corelian whiskey. I’ll make more but not this weekend, probably next if ya’ll want some. This weekend is an event weekend with my family, aka “Coven of Estrogen.”

Pod Race

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