Galaxy In Flames

It's a jungle out there

Welcome to the jungle.

M0-F0 calculated the most likely location for the remainder of Sanalaor. Brak launched to take us there, but it was a rough start. Our landing gear was held by sucking mud and vines that had grown and wrapped around the landing legs. L’hrequ considered going out the hack the vines off the ship, but the last time he did that, he was attacked by a nexu. Instead, M0-F0 assisted Brak with the piloting, but still no clean take off. Captain Shorwarr, the wookie at Mila’s Comet, was not exaggerating when he said Cholganna eats ships. The pilots kept at it, and we finally cleared the surface.

Flying above the jungle canopy, we spotted another large portion of Sanalaor, but alas, there was no place to land nearby. This planet has no good place to land. Not even a decent or workable place to land. There are impossible landing sites and then there are very bad places to land, which is our best option. We returned to the same place we launched from. With only about three hours to sunset, we debated waiting for morning or setting out immediately. We decided to set out, knowing we’d need a small bit of luck to get us to the wreckage by nightfall.

Unless I’m in a shopping mall, I have no sense of direction. After wandering about the jungle a bit, we stumbled upon Sanalaor’s bridge. I’m amazed we ever found it, as it was camouflaged with grime and foliage. We saw empty ports where escape pods had been. Over the empty ports, vegetation had been woven into nets.

We climbed into the wreckage through a tear in the hull. The ship is tilted, which made moving around it very difficult. It is obvious that some of the occupants must have survived the crash. Many of the doors and chairs have been removed. We search the ship, but most useful things have been taken.

We exited the Sanalaor. In the jungle, we spotted the glint of something in the darkness. Pand used her night-vision goggles to stealth out and investigate. When we heard her blaster rifle fire off, we went running towards her. Bark rats swarmed over her, and then swarmed us after we caught up. We exterminated them quickly. Nasty things, those bark rats.

The glint we spotted was a big metal door from the ship. It had been used to build small hut. We found 20 of these ram-shackle structures. Searching through them, we guessed at least 40 people had lived here, but that was years ago. Nearby we found 20 burial sites. No information, only names. Poor souls.

We returned to the wreckage. M0-F0 opened a door on an escape pod port and we went in. One area of the ship had a fire. The central array control room was still intact. Under a tarp, Pand found a clean workbench. Someone had used it to disassemble a console, cannibalizing it for parts. If anyone is still on this wretched planet, they might have usable electronics. Could we use that to find them?

We entered a nicer area of the ship. Nothing luxurious, just a little nicer than what we’ve seen so far. Officer’s quarters. Empty weapon racks. It has all been looted a long time ago.
We did find two locked footlockers. Inside first locker was a book, a few personal items, and our first useful prize, a vibroknife. The next locker held halotapes, a camera, a credit chip, and a datapad. M0-F0 tried to charge the datapad with his internal battery, but no luck. We took everything, hoping we would be able to extract more clues once we returned to our ship.

Continuing through the ship, we found the galley, which has also been completely stripped. The lowest decks of Salanaor are buried under the clay muck.

We went outside again and returned to the makeshift hovels. There was no proper place to bathe, my hair frizzed from the constant damp, and I had no change of clothing. We settled in to rest, Pand and I in one hovel and Brak and L’hrequ in another. The droids kept guard while the people tried to sleep.

From the jungle comes a low growl…


Nite Write up !

It's a jungle out there

Good stuff DJ!

It's a jungle out there

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