Galaxy In Flames


With my friends being marched off to the cells and I being marched away to talk to Rossi, I had no idea what would befall our fate in the next 12 hours. I certainly didn’t expect the lack of support I would get while risking my life. But let me elaborate what really went down from my point of view, and remember, I’m pretty damn tall. I get a good overall view of what’s going down in my humble opinion.

In Rossi’s quarters, he tried and of course failed at trying to convince me that his actions were motivated by selfless reasons. Do I still love him? We had a childhood together that grew into love as we matured. Of course I still do. But can I forgive his actions? No. Not ever. Forgiveness is a hard thing for a Togo.

Rossi was instrumental in the capture of an entire village of Togorians including our Elder’s daughter and he sold them all into slavery to fund his scheme that he believes will save our planet.

He argues that we need to bring our planet into the present with technology and weaponry, to make ourselves respected and not laughed at for our “backward” ways. This not only does not convince me, it makes me sickened that my own husband would be so ashamed of our people’s culture and traditions.

I believe he still had hopes to turn my mind around even as he ordered me taken to the cells, that is, until I dove for the gun I noticed across the room. I fired off the pistol…click click… nothing. I threw it at his smug face and was rewarded with the sound of the metal making contact at least on his arm.

Below in the cells, Poncho was harassing one of the guards, all Mandolorians. There were two I believe. They march me in and I realize this may be my one chance to create enough chaos to set my friends and me free so I make use of the choke-point made by the doorway and make a grab for the gun. I have it! I am shot. But still, I have a weapons and I shoot back!

Our “Jedi” uses his force powers to hold the door to the jails closed, something about not wanting to use guns. Apparently Jedi are pacifists. I am shot a total of three times and still no help from anyone who might have been able to smuggle weapons in with them, you know, like perhaps a lightsaber? A pistol? A grenade? But nooooooo. I am shot three times for nothing so I give up and go into my cell with my head down. So disappointed in my comrades. The disappointment. I am awash with it.

A few moments later, our new pilot flitters out of his cell. He has escaped somehow! I have a moment of hope, just a moment, but then I just shake my head and walk away from the door expecting nothing is going to raise the courage of my comrades into action, right? If my taking three shots to my person isn’t enough to raise up their courage what is?

L’hrequ uses his force powers and pulls a gun from a guard’s hand. Wait, WHAT? He couldn’t have done that when I was getting SHOT! I got shot trying to create chaos to save our group and he could have pulled one of the guns from the guards?!?

Now I am more than disappointed in our pacifist Jedi. I start to reconsider that bounty. From this moment on, L’hrequ will only be Larry to me. He let me get shot when he could have pulled that gun.

I will…never…ever…forget…

He makes the weapon useless and gives it back to the guard. Winter shoots through her bars with a pistol but misses. Wait..she has a weapon too? She didn’t shoot when I was getting shot? So much disappoint.

Larry pulls the gun from the second guard! I am now insulted twice. Still I am not cheered by this, I am so full of disappointment in the one I thought was my friend. I flick my tail.

Poncho flitters to my door and hacks the lock. Ahhh, my new, TRUE friend has freed me. I POUNCE on a guard, leaping onto him with my claws extended. By the second swipe of my claws, the guard is dead.

Larry finally finds his gonads and ignites his lightsaber, using his weapon…as a cutting torch to kill a guard and get everyone out of their cells.

It is decided that Winter and her brother as the only humans will fit nicely into the Mandolorian armor in case we are questioned in our escape.

We are about to leave the jail when we hear a female voice over the intercom speaker, asking if we Troublemakers would like some help getting the main jail door open. Of course we say yes, despite our suspicions that this may be a trap.

The door is opened, the hallway is clear. We go down to the hall and have to make a choice, left or right. The female voice tells us that to the right is our gear, to the left is the landing bay. We choose the right. At the end of the hall we have the choice of again, left or right.

Opening the door we see two men behind a desk, one dressed as an officer, both casual in their stance. I blast one with the carbine rifle I had taken from our jailers (you remember, the one that Larry could have pulled from the jailers hands to shoot and defend me with earlier when I was getting shot, right?)

I flick my tail.

The officer flies backwards in his chair with the force of my blast. MoFo blasts the other one, then after realizing it is set on kill, his programming to not hurt sentients forces him to reset the weapon to stun. I hadn’t thought about that particular issue with MoFo before and for an instant wonder if we can adjust his program a bit more like the HK-47 Assassin models. That instant is gone as we are busy gearing ourselves up and moving on again with our escape.

Larry has done his part and the other guard is down but still he is un-forgiven by me. I turn my back to him. I flick my tail.

We head back down the way we had come, now in the direction of the landing bay. The female voice warns us that many warriors are coming from that direction so we head back down the hall and instead of going right to the room where our gear was in, we go left and enter an elevator. It stops before making it’s destination. Was it MoFo who hacked it panel and got it running again?

Two floors down, the elevator opens up to darkened hallways. MoFo and I put on our goggles to better see. We pass several doors until we find the one the “Voice” leads us to and find it opens up into a warehouse which is a tad better lit than the hallways.

Halfway through the warehouse the trap is sprung. Heavy metal doors open to the left and right of us. I climb atop a crate as does Pax and her brother. MoFo runs towards the big bulky creature that has come through one of the doors and from inside his chassis he pulls a grenade and lobs it at the beast, injuring it a great deal!

To support my friend who runs into danger (after giving Larry a dirty look and flicking my tail in contempt) I USE MY WEAPON and shoot the beast that MoFo is attacking. Larry decides this is a worthy enough fight to break out his gonads and finishes off the bulky beast.

The second creature, agile and spindly with six deadly razor sharp appendages attacks Winter Pax! The others seem surprised that Asher does well with the weapon he is using in defense of his sister though I expect it is out of jealousy because Asher is so pretty.

As we all turn our attention to saving Pax, we are horrified when the creature uses it’s proboscis to insert something into Winter Pax’s body! Gaawwwwdddd NO!

We bring the monster down and MoFo does a quick bit of triage. I catch Larry’s eye and turn my back to him again with a flick of my tail. MoFo determines that he cannot remove the thing now without the equipment needed to do so safely, and that the object is worming it’s way towards her heart. We have 24 hours to remove it or Winter Pax will die!

The Voice directs us to another elevator and we move from there to the final door. We are outside, on a narrow rocky path on the ledge of a cliff overlooking a great forest much like Togoria. We decide to tie off with each other in case one of us slips. I lead the way ahead and make it to a safe spot. The others follow but not before Pax slips. Asher pulls at his rope to save her and calls for assistance in pulling her back up which is done easily enough.

Now we are faced with a force-field., which magically drops as we near it. Ahhh, our Voice I expect. We had made a deal with her, that she would continue to help us if we promise to take her with us, a deal easy enough to make and she did not fail us (I turn my back on Larry again and flick my tail.)

With the force-field down, MoFo sends in his little spider in to scope out what foes may be between us and our entrance into the ship on the field, the same ship that brought us here. There are two guards.

MoFo bravely runs to the guards and tosses a grenade at them. I shoot, miss, and run into the ship. Pax shoots, hits, and runs into the ship. Asher and Mofo shoot, Larry shoots (now he is okay with guns, I bite back a hiss and flick my tail) and we all are now in the ship and hit the controls to close the ramp.

Quickly MoFo launches to the cockpit and makes to start up the systems. Password….password…..Mofo tries to hack the system and fails.

The Voice, no longer disembodied and speaking to us from an intercom, speaks up with a drawl. “I can help you with that.”

MoFo punches in the password, fires up the ship, and we are off!!!!


Oh, Larry! Good recap, Dany!


Larry is in so much trouble…

Great summary, very fun to read Danny!

Our escape’s timing was pretty terrible indeed, sorry Pand’ got shot so many times before things started happening.


Nice write-up Dany. And thank you everyone for dealing with me being pretty out of it. I love you guys! :)



Hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned.


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