Galaxy In Flames

The war is not over.

Despite the loss of the Emperor and his right-hand man, Darth Vader, as well as the loss of their latest Death Star, the Empire attempts to move on, with two goals still clearly in mind:

The utter destruction of the Rebellion, and the complete elimination of all Jedi in the galaxy.

The time for celebration for the Rebellion has come and gone, the recent victories providing only a hiccup in the war effort. Remaining Imperial resources rally quickly, new plans set into motion, a new chain-of-command is established… Rumors persist of a new leadership amongst the remnants of the Empire…

But there is no doubt that the mighty Empire is not what it once was – at least not for the moment. Many of the Empire’s surviving forces fled Endor, destined for the Rim or beyond to the Unknown Regions to regroup, to hide and wait for the right time to return.

Meanwhile, life for those not in the Republic, or part of the Empire, simply went on. News of the conflict reached every corner of the galaxy, and of course information was bought and sold as usual.

But even on the Rim there were those who were keenly interested in the events taking place elsewhere in the galaxy between the two super powers. If one was careful, there was always profit to be made somehow, somewhere…

Galaxy In Flames

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