Galaxy In Flames

Making Friends with Pand

I hadn’t been on the Wheel long before realizing that Rozza’s trail had gone cold…for now, but there was speculation and hope that the slavers would be back around again in time, that passing through the Wheel was a regular thing for those Rozza was known to be traveling with.

So with funds low and no good bounty jobs available that would be within my means to travel to, I took up Winter Pax’s offer to join her in meeting someone named Remo for a possible job. Winter Pax, that’s the name of the human I’d met not long after coming to the Wheel. I’d seen her face on a bounty posting, one that I wasn’t interested in because it seemed to be more of a disgruntled party type of deal rather than a bounty on someone that had done some heinous crime. Then I saw her face again, this time in the flesh rather than on a bounty listing and I couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with her and dropping the fact to a bounty that I’m a hunter.

I did reassure her that I wasn’t interested in the bounty and we became friends, my very first not-Togorian friend, so when this other opportunity arose, I went with her to a cantina called Mila’s Comet to meet with Remo.

Remo brought us into a back room with a few other people. Some were already in the cantina waiting, a Gotal named Brak and a droid which I found out later called himself Mo. Remo brought with him a very strange looking human with a deformity on his head who was introduced to us “Larrek Pakoo Geel” and he had the most fascinating hairstyle. I daresay it was hypnotizing!

Remo told us of a lost ship that had a ghost story to it as told by my town’s Elder. The ship was called the Sa’Nalaor, an imperial ship full of treasure and passengers including a few of our Togorian (Togo to us) kinsmen aboard. It was running from Imperial officials at the end of the Clone Wars and disappeared, a ghost ship haunted and floating into deep space, silent but for the whispers of the dead doomed on board. At least that is the story my Elder told us more than once over a campfire as we roasted marshmallows and beetles.

So, we all sat in this little room set away from the public area of the cantina and Remo told us that he had somehow obtained the emergency message pod from that very ship and that he believed the information in it gave him the location of this lost ship. He said he would pay us 10,000 credits each if we find it and assess its condition. He only wished for the technology all to himself and would split any other spoils with us 50/50.

If we succeed in this job, we were to take the information to him on a planet called Raxus Prime. He said that the Imperials had an outpost there so to approach the planet from the opposite side. To accomplish this mission, he would loan us a ship and we would be expected to take his agent along with us, a droid named IT-3PO who was expected to arrive on the Wheel in 7 or so hours with Remo’s sister, Shira.

We all agreed to take the job and the terms and celebrated with drinks and ryshcate! Very excellent ryshcate too I must say. Mila must be a fine cook!

From the cantina we went to Remo’s office to inspect the data pod. Mo did some digging into the pod’s information storage, a difficult thing as it had been in space for so long and suffered a great deal of damage. Mo-Fo verified that the ship did indeed come from the Ghost Ship my Elder had told us the story about! This was exciting! This job was going to be more than a job, but an adventure tale I could share with my Elder and add to the story to tell more children as they grew up!

I can hear it now in my head, The great Pand, of Togo history whose story would be told at the campfires, the tale of a great hunter sent to return honor to her family and while doing so, found the famous Ghost Ship that had been lost in wild space, a ship full of treasures, secrets, and the ghosts of the poor dead including several Togos like them!

Oh, now I am so excited! I will be in a story that would be passed on to other generations, the continuation of the tale of the Ghost Ship! My whiskers are twitching with anticipation!

Mo-Fo determined that the ship lost orbit around a planet called Cholgana, three days travel by hyperdrive. I do not understand the complexities of drives or hyperdrives. I will leave that to those that do understand it.

In the meantime, we followed Remo to his docking bay where he had several ships, four of which for us to look over and choose to borrow for the trip. I know nothing of ships and what makes a good one or a bad one. I know guns. The last two he showed us, I liked the guns, particularly the one with the swiveling turret. I am good with a gun, but being restricted in my field to aim in by which way the pilot has a ship pointed seemed too rigid for me

Now, just as we had entered this docking bay, Winter thought she’d seen someone watching us just before the door closed on them, so I stayed outside the ships with my little white-haired friend, Winter Pax, while the others went inside each ship to inspect them and talk over choices.

It was then that Winter and I noticed one of the repair droids acting very suspicious. Then it noticed that we noticed and it made a little squeel. It made an even bigger squeel when I stopped it with my blaster to keep it from running to whomever sent it to spy on us!

The blaster fire brought our people running from inside the ship to us outside and Winter told them what had happened. Brak found a device and had MoFo look at it and it seemed to be a transponder of some sort.

So now we know that someone is watching, following, keeping tabs on Remo and his secret project, we will have to be watchful.

With still many hours to wait on Remo’s droid IT-3PO to arrive so we could set off on our adventure (adventure!! I will be a famous Togo!) We went shopping for supplies with the front-money given to us by Remo. We shared the cost on things like a medical kit, a tent for use when we arrive on planet, food, etc. I bought enough ryshcate to last the trip. Winter Pax wanted to shop for clothing so we told the males we would catch up to them later.

I watched her shop, try on wigs. She bought some lip paint that was a very pretty orange. Then just after we left, we heard someone call out her name. I could instantly feel the tenseness straighten her spine, so I moved to walk between her and the voice. When she decided to turn to face the voice, I still kept between them. The voice was both mocking and threatening to her and I will not have anyone threaten my friends!

It was a bounty hunter. The first thing I could think of was to claim her as being MY bounty. That is the Mandolorian rule, yes?I think so. A bounty hunter cannot interfere with another hunter’s bounty. If she is MY bounty, he cannot interfere. He tried to say that she is not my bounty but my friend. That may be true but there is no rule that you cannot be friends with your bounty. There are no rules as to how long it takes you to return your bounty. There are no rules that hunters must cuff their bounties. I am not used to people so easily breaking rules. So I growled and showed a little fang.

If I say Winter Pax is MY bounty, then the rude male with the rude voice has no claim. He thought otherwise and got more threatening than I liked so I raked him with my claws. He punched me back. I tried not to laugh. But then my ears were hearing the whine of a blaster. Fortunately all the blaster fire that was about to happen came from weapons set on stun, including my own blaster rifle.

Somewhere in there Winter Pax had called our new friends and they came and joined into the battle. A loud announcement was made that security had been notified and was on its way. With little time, we taught them a lesson in messing with Pand and her bounty and my adventure crew (adventure!!)

Calling Remo, he told us to lay low so now I wait in Mila’s Comet with my new friends, Brak, L’hrequ, Mo-Fo and Winter Pax. I smile down at the white head of Winter Pax sitting next to me. Do not worry, Little Pax. I will keep you safe.

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