Wayfarer - Medium Transport

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Kuat Systems Engineering’s Wayfarer-class medium freighter is a relatively new entry to the medium transport market. Designed to accommodate unique modular shipping containers built specifically for the ship, the Wayfarer-class was designed to revolutionize galactic shipping.

In reality this model had a rocky development process. By the time the first Wayfarers came off the assembly line for their shakedown cruises, the project was terribly over budget and behind schedule. Only one of the various planned container-types was ever produced, the bulk-cargo container.

This detail, combined with the fact that the Wayfarer can not carry other ‘standard’ shipping containers, ultimately limits its usefulness. Although the model never revolutionized shipping, they have found a niche among wealthy shipping conglomerates in various parts of the galaxy, and some very wealthy owners have had custom containers fabricated.

The vessel itself has a strange, ungainly design, with the modular cargo container ‘hung’ from an armature that extends from the port side of the ship’s rear hull section. A fully-loaded container can definitely give average pilots a challenge when attempting to maneuver both in atmosphere and in outer space.


Wayfarer - Medium Transport

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