The Wheel



“Its size makes it appear closer than it is. But the Wheel’s reputation does not rest on its size. There are other constructions in the galaxy larger, more awesome… The Wheel is a monument. A monument to pleasure, to risk, to greed. And, to those with the need or the desperation… It is also a monument to life and death.” -Senator Simon Greyshade

Astronavigation Data: Besh Gorgon System, Mid Rim

Orbital Metrics: 302 days per year, 24 hours per day

Government: Administrator

Population: ~300,000, (70% Human, 30% Other)

Languages: Basic

Terrain: Space Station

Major Exports: Information, Entertainment

Major Imports: Food, Water, High-tech, Information

Closest Trade Route: Perlemian Trade Route

Special Conditions: Neutral

Armaments: 10 Turbolaser batteries, 8 Point-defense batteries, 10 Ion cannon batteries, 10 Tractor beam banks, 10 Guardian Class Cruisers, 48 Starfighters, 20 Frigates, Over 1,000 docking bays.

Notable Locations:

The Grand Casino (High-stakes gambling)

Crimson Casino (Massive casino)

Madam Laude’s (Brothel)

The Pit (Gladiatorial arena)

WheelSec Force (The Wheel’s Security presence, 10,000 strong (plus droids), with over 500 security stations of various sizes spread throughout the station)




“Space may be freezing, but here the action’s hot, so book your trip today — at The Wheel, where no one gets left out in the cold!" ―The Wheel’s popular slogan

Background: The Wheel is an enormous, circular hub-and-spoke style space station located on the Perlemian Trade Route near the outer edge of the Mid Rim. It is the center of an “immunity sphere," making its status under the Empire unique. Nominally, Imperial ships are not allowed at the station, and there is no formal Imperial presence. This makes the Wheel a popular destination for anyone avoiding the gaze of the Empire.

It is a hub of economic activity, aboveboard and below. It is also a major tourist destination, with popular casinos and entertainment zones by the dozens.

The lack of Imperial customs agents and traditional starport controls draws visitors from across the galaxy. Smugglers, merchants, traders, and brokers of all types exchange wares outside of the normal tax and transportation laws. Illicit deals are as common as legitimate transactions. The station even serves as a neutral site for diplomatic negotiations between parties ranging from feuding planets and interstellar corporations to powerful criminal syndicates and individuals of all backgrounds.

Master-Com is the Wheel’s master-control computer system. It functions much like a droid due to the myriad sensory inputs and databanks throughout the station. Thanks to the late Senator Greyshade, Master-Corn has a number of humanoid droid bodies, which allow it to walk the decks and interact directly with the crew and visitors. However, its main function is to run virtually everything on board, from environmental controls, to turbolifts, to cargo distribution, and more. Master-Com is unlikely to take much of a direct interest in the events of the common man. Most visitors interact only indirectly with Master-Com.

The Wheel

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