Firespray - Patrol Boat

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With their elephantine appearance, unique upright flying position and rotating internal cockpit that allows for horizontal landings, Firesprays were considered revolutionary in both appearance and design. Initially, only six prototypes were built and delivered to a Republic prison on Oovo IV shortly before the battle of Naboo. Of these six ships, one was stolen by a bounty hunter named Jango Fett, and the other five were destroyed by him to deter pursuit. The theft and destruction of all the prototypes came as a heavy blow to Kuat Systems Engineering, the designers of the model, and the program was mothballed.

Envisioned as a pursuit and system patrol craft, the original six Firesprays were powered by a quartet of Kuat XF-16 high-output power generators, powering a pair of KDY F-31 ion engines. These were advanced designs, and took up less space than engines of similar power output on other craft. The combination of these generators and the state-of-the-art engines provides the Firespray-class with more than enough speed to deal with errant freighters, transports and shuttles.

Designed for utility rather than comfort, the interior space on the Firespray is rather cramped. A small cargo hold is available in the lower-aft of the ship, equipped with a guard-station and six small holding cells (which some owners convert to crew cabins). The cockpit is bi-leveled, and includes three seats on the ‘main’ level up top, and two seats on the level below. When the craft is grounded, the crew can step into the cockpit as normal, and upon take off, the cockpit cabin rotates automatically into flight position.

Recently, KSE re-introduced the Firespray to the market in response to increased demand for law enforcement and patrol vessels. The new ships are built from the plans of the original six prototypes, but also includes nearly three decades of design improvements and ship-building technology. Thanks to a growing demand and an aggressive advertising campaign, the new ships are a hot commodity among law enforcement agencies, bounty hunters, and even some smugglers and pirates, as well.


Firespray - Patrol Boat

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