Nautolan Elder


Shantoo is one of a few Nautolans that can be found at the Retreat. He moves slowly, indicating that he is older than his looks suggest.

He approached the party speaking of a ‘nightmare’ he had ‘endured’ the past two nights – every since the party arrived on Cholganna. He seemed quite agitated by it, but interestingly enough, he apparently somehow ‘knew’ L’hrequ Paku-Geil.

He spoke of a ‘tentacled terror’ that came to his dreams and spoke to him, demanding that he pass on a message to someone whom Shantoo did not know. There were no Cereans amongst the survivors, so Shantoo was at a loss what to do… until he saw a Cerean visitor in the great meeting hall the afternoon that Harsol brought L’hrequ and his companions to the Retreat, along with a group of Rodians.

Waiting for the right moment to approach them, Shantoo found his chance when the crew was returning to their accommodations from having dinner with Harsol and Cratala. When he approached, merely mentioning L’hrequ’s name got his attention. And then he had this to say:

_“I have had nightmares the past two nights… that IS when you arrived here, is it not?

Nightmares of a hideous beast, terrifying to behold, all tentacles and appendages…

He spoke YOUR name, L’hrequ Paku Geil

He commanded me to tell you… to watch over your friends… He said that he was… sorry… that he would not be there for you…

And he said that the Force is with you…"_

The elder Nautolan felt an obvious relief upon delivering the message, as if a great weight had been removed from his shoulders…


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