Protocol Droid


The party’s first interaction with IT-3PO, or “IT” for short, was when they rescued him from the clutches of the Yivar clan back on the Wheel. Remo had indicated that the droid had information about the ‘scheme’ that Remo had drafted the party to assist him with, calling in favors to get each of the members on board.

IT assisted the party at every opportunity, even when his offers were not welcome, and despite some of their ‘questionable’ treatment of him, he never lost his cheerful attitude, and remained committed to being friendly and helpful where he could, assisting the party with various tasks wherever he was permitted to.

Of course, once the party reached Cholganna, that was when IT’s true nature was revealed – for he was the property of Captain Rel Harsol, and the droid was still following a plan that was three decades in the making.

Upon reaching part of the Sa Nalaor’s wreckage, IT secretly activated a ‘homing beacon’ that the Captain would be looking for… at least, that had been the agreement some three decades earlier. To IT, of course, time was no issue, miraculously, Captain Harsol’s tracking device was one of the collection of gadgets that still functioned, and he quickly formed a search party to seek out his wayward droid.

Upon reaching the spot where the party was fighting with the Yivar clan, the arrival of Harsol’s search party ended the conflict quickly, and Harsol and his group made their introductions. It was then that IT shambled forward to give his true master a very awkward hug, and even Harsol could not help but smile a little upon seeing his old droid, still functioning – and still seeking to complete his mission.

It was IT’s positive feedback about the party that kept them from being put into chains – or worse. IT had developed an affinity for MO-FO in particular, a fellow droid, whether that friendship was returned or not. Organic rudeness towards droids was common to IT, so he apparently had not taken any of the questionable treatment badly, and as such, Harsol allowed the party to remain in the Retreat as ‘guests’, though it was obvious that the Captain was wary enough to keep various guards nearby at all times…


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