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The Alamo

So let me get one thing straight right outta the chute, i ain’t no fighter, don’t get me wrong I can slip on a pair o brass knuckles without nobody noticing and bust somebodies chicklets out if I need to, but this here was a full on tussle !

That durned diplomat droid came back and asked us to surreneder the village, we send him packin straightaway! Might have even been a few warning shots sent his way to get rid of the hitch in his giddeyup.

We all went up into the watchtowers to get idea of what were looking at, Storm troopers were spotted all around the camp fixin to bust in and take us or kill us all, they was wearing painted armour and they had a couple of droids with’em too and these were not for negotiating they was for killin. Most of these folks were fixin to give up the goose, they was all sad and beaten yet the fight had not yet begun, how the hell did these folks make it so long? Winter starting talkin to these folks tryin to get the spirit back, she gave a right good speech even gave me a bit of a chill, somehow she gott’em to fight at least!

Th e troopers starting lobbing grenades over the walls, others was focused on busting down them doors , i realized I was a sitting duck up in that watch tower so skeedaddled back down the ladder and to my right they just breeched a small hole in door, I seen a couple of villagers just staring at the hole like some blubberin kids that just had their favorite toy taken away, I preceed to run right to the hole and put my blaster thru it and lit up a few of these folks, then I backed off and told these folks you see anything move you blast the hell out of it. Our door held out for quite some time.

In all the fuss I kinda lost track of where the rest of the crew were at, the leruck or laribee or larry lou the Jedi went to the far door along with Kat, not long after the original ruckus started I hear Winter telling Cortal to release the Nexu, hmmmm I had mixed feelings about this as them damn varmits have a mind of their own and they may just decide to eat us instead. Not quite sure what happened but M0f0 was in a bad way and he kinda slinked back to get himself fixed up and just like I figured one of them cats was gonna get us, luckily it walked right past me and Winter but Mo was not so lucky, somehow he managed to get up on a rooftop, by the time i gets to the next breached door them Nexu has pretty much finished off what was left on our side of the village.

Now over on the other side things get weird, or the tall tales get taller, not sure which as I dint see nothing with my own eyes, now kat and leruck was protecting the 3rd door, Im hearin stories about leruck lifting up pieces of trees and throwing them at storm troopers, I also here he was taking blasters out of peoples hands, as I said i can’t vouch for any of these stories but that boy is special, I knew it the minute I seen him many moons ago and the kat of course is chopping them down as fast as anybody I ever seen. That one is right dangerous and I best keep on her good side if ya know what I mean. We all seemed to be doing good, the villagers fought pretty good after winter kinda put a fancy boot up there asses, Mo got himself patched up.

having finally put these clowns on the run, we gathered ourselfs and dusted each other off, gathered up some armour and got some heavy blasters too. Mo has this crazy idea of reprogramming one of them little spider thangs and making it show us the way to the ship these smelly troopers came from, the craziest part is it worked ! The only problem is that durn thing takes the the straightest path possible, aint all of us got 8 legs and don’t need to breath, after a bit I hear some engines purring a sweet sweet song, except I knew what that meant even though we could not see a damn thing i knew they had cut and run, as we get to the clearing we see that ship flying off into the dark of space. We will see each other again good buddy, I promise out that and when we do you are in for the whoopin of your life.

We hang our heads and head back to the village, figuring out who is stayin, who is going, where we taking them, where to meet the rest when we get back? These durn fools wanted to stay back at the village, we all slapped some sense back into em and into hiding they will go, and we will meet them again in about 5 days if the good lord keeps us and them alive, time will tell, I sure could use a beer or some of Kats fancy cake…..uh oh


Thanks Johnny! Good write-up! 2 XP! :) -Tim

The Alamo

Nice write up JP!

The Alamo

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