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Recess is over

Disclaimer: As I write this, I’m a bit buzzed from ryshcate, so keep that in mind if this doesn’t make sense. Pand is trying to kick the habit, so she shared the ryschate she had left.

The accommodations aboard ISO-1 were humble, but I was able to relax all the same. The first week I went to visit Pand at the infirmary. She went under the knife to get skin armor installed by Cratala. Nice work. I doubt there will be any scars, but she had some fur shaved here and there, and it will be weeks before it grows back fully.

Brak suggested some improvements for Silver Bucket, so we all chipped in to improve the shields, create an inconspicuous storage space, and upgrade our targeting system. Remo fixed the other big gun on Silver bucket. Maybe it was the painkillers, but when Pand learned about our new and improved firepower, she purred with joy.

L’hrequ and Brak have had some secret between them since we left Raxus Prime. I think this is related some business Brak has with that disagreeable Ugnaught, Leebo. I guess they have a side job going on, but they’re not sharing any details.

L’hrequ also had some private business with Remo. A long time ago Remo received an item he was supposed to pass on to L’hrequ. It doesn’t make sense to me, but then I don’t understand all that Force woo woo stuff.

M0-F0 kept busy working on several modifications, most of them on himself. He looks like an entirely different droid. If it weren’t for the sarcasm and cowboy hat, I would not have recognized him.

Even with all the changes, someone else recognized M0-F0. He is a technician on ISO-1 named Parnell Dar. Apparently, he was part of the Imperial crew that created M0-F0. They were on the 1st Death Star together. Parnell and a few others ignored Gran Moff Tarkin’s order and managed to escape the Death Star before it exploded. Parnell was gushing all over M0-F0 like he was some kind of deity.

Parnell warned us that M0-F0 might have construction blueprints for the Planet Killer weapon in his memory. After taking several precautions, M0-F0 let him probe his memory banks, and indeed this deadly information is intact. Worse still, he could not delete the data. He did mention there is someone who might be able to erase the data, a woman named Mako Braden. She was the best slicer Parnell had ever heard of. He wasn’t sure where to find her, but he suggest starting the search at the Wheel.

Remo has many ears and eyes working for him in this part of the galaxy. He had found a ship that Brak was looking for, the Arcturus. It is still in the hands of someone named Orrick, who leads the Black Veil, a group of bounty hunters that pride themselves on hunting Jedi. Why is Brak interested, I wonder? I guess he has some history with Orrick. Is it related to the Jedi, or is it something else? Is L’hrequ involved? Arcturus was last seen at Saleucami, a planet controlled by the Hutts. I feel bad saying this, but I’ve never heard of a Hutt that wasn’t a crime lord.

During our three weeks on ISO-1, I spent a lot of time surfing the HoloNet. It seems both Yav Yivar and the Empire have taken notice of our recent actions. I’m grateful for Remo’s hospitality, a safe-house to stay at while the heat is on. Remo and his employees are treating us like royalty. Their high esteem comes from our success on Cholganna and Raxus Prime.

The day we were ready to leave, Shira came knocking at my door at an ungodly early hour. She found a transmission sent from the Wheel. It was a picture of Asher Pax, my baby brother. Well, not a baby now, but that’s how I see him. He has been kidnapped and is being held at the Wheel. An electronically distorted voice addressed me. “You have something we want. We have something you want.” I had five days to get to the wheel to trade myself for my brother.

M0-F0 and IT-3PO took a stab at reconstructing the original voice. It still sounded garbled to me, but I watch as Pand’s eyes went wide. She recognized the voice as Rossi, her husband. Husband?! She also said that kidnapping was the type of thing Rossi might do to make money.

Lucky for me and my brother, Pand had already previously pledged to kill Rossi. His working as a slaver and other crimes brought dishonor to the family, which would be restored when Pand killed him. She cannot return home until Rossi is dead. Normally I don’t like killing people if we could have them arrested, but in this case, I will be happy to see this Togo die. This might create problems for us if we kill him on Wheel. This is a great hub, and I don’t want to lose it.

After a farewell party on ISO-1, we depart for the Wheel. Three days of travel, no problems. When asking for permission to dock, there was a long pause, but they let us board.

Our first stop, we went to Mila’s Comet for a drink. Waroon Dak was at the same table we saw him at last time, with the same two Twileks pawing over him. He played it cool, so I talked to him like he already knew the situation with my brother. I told him I would gladly pay him for any info that helped me get my brother back. He said he would see what he could find out, and I should call him in the morning.

We weren’t on the Wheel long before I received a call. Rossi told me where to meet him. He told me to come alone, but I convinced him to let me bring “my” droid. I told him my droid has pacifist programming, which is technically true. Or least it was before M0-F0 did all those modifications. Now, who knows?

The meet time is 9 pm. We have some planning to do.


Great write up.

Note: we also added an attachement to improve the Bucket’s Shield, and M0-F0 boosted it a lot… 2 in front, 3 in back. We can also boost the Adv. Targeting array, which will help all the firing from the ship.

Recess is over

nice write-up! :)

Recess is over

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