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What a Piece of Junk!

Star Wars 4/2/2017

Radius Prime
Tried to communicate for friendly landing planet side.
Four TIE Fighters deploy (VC)
Pand let loose, L’hrequ increases rear shields as Brak flies by

Each at stations:
-Brak – Pilot
-M0-F0 – Co-Pilot
-Pand – Turret
-Winter – Weapons Support
-L’hrequ – Shields/Power
Exchange fire – no hits

Plunge through multicolored clouds
Junk pulse, Canyons of junk and lakes of sludge
Huge processing plants
Haze in the air, leaking chemicals, landfill
See signs of life
Wall of Junk forces direction change
Brak goes left, near miss
Thinner canyon of junk
Pand hits TIE fighter, smoking
It misses us and makes turn as well
M0-F0 detects objects in Fog and helps ship avoid
Continue through canyon, straight – not defensive
One TIE hits, 3 after three soak
Turn corner into Jawa effort fraught with cables strewn across path
Brak has not time to avoid and the ship takes on a number of span cables which creates a setback which Brak ignores.
Pand’s next shot knocks another TIE off course
Cannot get shields boosted
Brak tries to evade but the canyon is too tight
Brak tries another trick but too tight
TIE avoids crash, shoots, misses
Second TIE Shoots but has to avoid other tie, misses
Brak banks left and has to fly through sludge falls, 2 system strain, would rattle a lesser pilot.
L’hrequ fails to boost shields
M0-F0 fails assist
Pand fires, misses
Brak evades but suffers stress
TIE maintains flight path, shoots and misses
Second TIE shoots and hits, 2 damage
Ship plummets at high speed to manage low archway
Makes the maneuver! (Traded in chip to make second attempt)
Archway then collapses at our passage taking out one TIE
Pand shoots at remaining TIE, blasting it to bits!
M0-F0 inputs coordinates to our destination and notes 30 min out at current speed
Brak decelerates but stays in canyons to avoid detection, 60 min out
Come upon a 1K long lake with garbage strewn shores
Note 3 small junk-made caverns along lake ridges, look like landing areas
Rodian signals from one landing, Brak heads to land
Winter offers Cartala outfit to avoid Imperial detection
Winter and Pand head down ramp to talk with Rodian
Informs us Remo is away on planet finding new tech for the next 48 hours
We are dubious, M0-F0 radios to ask about Sister
Rodian (Norta) informs she is with him
Brak and M0-F0 join, senses, nothing to note with Rodian
Both complain about entry to the planet and that our landing permit was to old and caused an attack on us.
Norta thinks pilot bad and our decisions poor.
Norta invites us to stay in his area, off ship
Winter fills in details with Cortana and Harlow
Lock up ship and all follow Norta further in
Then out of tunnel in open but cluttered are
Notes the ‘Crushed Carrier’ old passenger ship, used as hotel
Note that is is around noon
See on particular ship with man sitting reading on top with make-shift umbrella
Then to another ruined ship, Correllian Corvette: lots of mechanical and technical shops that cost to utilize. Ran and habituated by Remo.
Notes skiff’s are available for help we may provide.

Looking for:
2 Meter Sensor Disc
Power line Splicer Converter
Labor Droid Servos
Multi-Phase Transformer

Learn Imperials used to have bases on planet, but the planets core ruptured and caused the imperials to stay just out of Atmosphere.
Head to Cantina full of many species
Gambling, Music, Dancing, Festive
L’hrequ purchase import
Winter buys drink for her and Pand
Brak orders local on Tap, tastes bad
M0-F0 seeks other droids, finds out can take oil bath at the Corvette, and then heads there
Speak with Cantina owner- Tuvor, tell us he would purchase food goods should we return. Tells us they deal in Tech. Mentions Remy’s business ISO-tech.
Winter asks about guides of whom Tuvor recommends Jawa’s.
L’hrequ mentions crashed TIE’s, Winter whispers in my ear to stop mentioning TIE fighters with a course expletive.
Norta shows up with keys to rooms for each of us, second floor.
Call M0-F0 warn about Jawa’s interest in lone droids
Winter checks to notice if we are being watched.
Pand and Brak looking for potential Bounty Hunters
Pand notices a one-leku Twilek male that she recalls from bounty lists, slaver
Pand cases the place for exits then leaves to watch outside.
Others head up to rooms. I watch the Twilek for an hour.
Then we head to our rooms as well.
Rooms are state rooms from the Yacht that had been. Now spartan. No windows.
Pick up M0-F0
Grab others head to see Norta to ask about scavenging jobs.
Note corvette name, "The Blockade Bandit’ to meet Norta.
Meet Norta in ISO-Tech office in the Bandit with Norta there on Computer
Gives list of wants, and shows us the skiff
Head back past ship holds, in tunnel and out to an open areas with net above and big window at end. In room, 3 skiffs with some being worked on. Show us Skiff that we will use. M0-F0 starts and checks out.
Back to rooms for night. Heal overnight
Skiff. M0-F0 makes poor attempt to navigate out of bay, hits support and sends him overboard. He gets pretty banged up. Brak then lowers the Skiff but too low and crushes M0-F0 a bit.
M0-F0 suspects sabotage but no proof is found
Head out. Half hour or so we think we spot a sensor dish in the lake.
We head out to it over the Lake. The vapors are toxic smelling even through respirators.
Gather cables and attach crowbars to ends and attempt to catch on dish to pull up.
Pand fails with no consequence twice.
Pand’s third attempt hooks it.
We all attempt to pull up each cable and pull it loose.
We then attach to rails and navigate back to shore.
At shore we pull the dish up and attach to side of Skiff.
Return to bay. Mechanics frown at damage to skiff.
Call Narto to meet us who does shortly and then says we’ll get our credits.
His people remove the dish and fix up the skiff.
We check on Harsol and Cortana.
And stand by to head out.


So THAT’S what all the typing was about. :)

Raxus Prime

Ship plummets at high speed to manage low archway
Makes the maneuver! (Traded in chip to make second attempt)

hey hey hey, the story should read: facing certain peril Brak summons all of his piloting experience to save the crew from certain peril, wow 99 out of 100 pilots would not have made the correct decision, however for Brak its sheer guts and instinct that brought him to make the correct choice praise the lord we are still alive :P hahahhaa

Raxus Prime

LOL I guess people simply underestimate the awesomeness that is Brak. :)

Raxus Prime

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