Galaxy In Flames

Poncho's Logs 1.6

Mission: Survive a Base Assault

…Initializing …

Password: * * * * *


… Scanning Fingerprint…

… Identity Confirmed…

Welcome Poncho :)

Creating New File: The “Secret” “Secret” Base…

→ Report: Day 8 | ~1200 Hours – ?

Bantha Poodoo, I feel like I ate ten bricks and my wings were clipped. Ugh, I’m pretty sure I’m dead. Ooph, yup, definitely dead. Worst part is, it must be true what they say, Ganath is Toydarian hell…and I woke up here. Mo tells me I’m fine, clearly he is just trying to assuage my doomed soul. Not sure how helpful this is gonna be for your “research,” but here it is.

So I thought Mako was going to go with us, but it was deemed the wrong move by everyone else, and she didn’t really want to go anyways, so she went back to the Silver Bucket to hang out with Asher. Wish I did too, to be completely honest, at least I could have done something from there. Anyways, so we venture past the holographic field and see the base spread out before us to the North-West, and for a super secret base, this one was quite tame. The whole thing seem like it was ready to be ditched quickly, well except the large holoprojectors. Looking about, we couldn’t get a good read of the base’s numbers, but there were definitely some people wandering around. Though I seem to recall Mako telling us that only a “few” trusted individuals were allowed to occupy this base, so there probably aren’t many (that was a mistake). Place at one end of the base was a large glowing generator-like device that was visited pretty frequently. Seems odd that they would use a shoddy generator for such a “secret base.” Wonder why they keep checking it? However, it is the only one that is easily seen (unless they had smaller ones in their makeshift buildings), so it could be a good target to knock out…I guess. I’m not much of a tactician…or warrior…or…well anything useful for attacking a base.

Everyone else tries to decide on a plan of action, I mostly sit there in a slight panic, overwhelmed with the idea that I’m now expected to help conquer a base, not really in my chauffeuring manual. Winter brought up that we could do things the old fashioned way, sneak in and try to minimize the threat before it pours upon us, but Mo suggested that we should watch the base and monitor its movements before taking action. So we sat an watched for a good hour, I’ll include my footage from my Scooter Cam, but its pretty boring. Most guard movements happen in pairs, but every once in a while a loner would move about. The majority of the movement seemed to be going from place to place, and a lot of examining the generator thing. All seemed to be wearing that Mandolorian armor, or whatever it’s called and are significantly armed. The large AT-AT at the Northern end of the base seemed to garner a lot of activity, with what appears to be a ladder of some sort being lowered for a guard to climb up or down with a large box. However, once the man makes his delivery and leaves, the rope ladder is raised up again. No one else can be seen leaving the AT-AT. At one point during our hour of vigilance, quite the character comes out of one of the buildings and addresses squads of his Mandolorian guards. Using quite the animation this figure points around the base at the AT-AT and at the Generator-thingy, and even makes threatening gestures of some-kind, I’m told he was using a claw? No idea how they see that well, but it seems that was Rossi being demanding and grumpy before he re-entered his make-shift housing structure.

L’hrequ asked if we could place some charges on the generator-like object, but apparently we didn’t have the explosives for it, I for some reason thought Mo had some, don’t know why. Larry, then moved on and asked if we could possibly disable the AT-AT. We discuss options, I knew I could climb it, and perhaps get in with my fusion cutter, but I’m useless if guards find me, so if anyone was on-board, I’d be sunk. No one really jumped on that idea, of which I’m pretty grateful, I was positive that I’d run into trouble, of course its not like I was able to avoid it later either. L’hrequ then focused on perhaps just taking out one of its legs, in fact, he even seemed to calculate (or at least present it as if he had calculated) which leg was key to toppling the AT-AT (and thus, if removed, would topple the whole thing). But, while we had a fusion cutter and a lasersword, the group didn’t seem too convinced that that was the correct course of action either. Guess everyone was a bit nervous like me.

Things didn’t seemed to be progressing too quickly, but Winter came up with the idea to utilize the comm built into her Mandalorian armor she had taken earlier to connect with the camp’s comm channel. And, with Mo’s help, they were able to find it and observe. We, or she so to speak, listened for twenty more minutes, but it was mostly filled with people using codenames and doing check-ins. So, nothing too special, until she picked up a transmission that went something like, “This is repair team Alpha Red, we need two pressure Couplers at the AT-AT stat!” And a following message, “We’ll have them there shortly.” before once again going silent. The group seemed confident that they could intercept the delivery, with the help of Winter’s armored disguise, and use it as a means to sneaking onto the AT-AT. However, Winter wasn’t done with the Comm just yet and with Mo’s handy computer work, she seemed to open comms with some guards scattered about the base and spread some demeaning doubts about Rossi’s leadership. Based on her reaction, it sounded like it worked, not sure what it would do, but it couldn’t hurt I suppose,

After Winter had spread some Bad Press through the camp, we all progressed along the canyon to reach the North-Eastern side of the camp. I took my scooter, so it was smooth sailing for me, but the others headed out on foot, hiding their speeder before following. There wasn’t too much to this section of the base, just some boulders from the canyon, the Turret on its scaffolding, and the AT-AT loomed before us. With confidence, Winter snuck towards the AT-AT and Pand’Ora followed briefly after her, with L’hrequ, Mo, and I taking the rear. It seemed to be going well, until the turret spun quickly to face Winter’s direction, we all held our breath, but shortly after, it went back to its usual surveying. With a sigh of relief, Winter moved forward, just in time to meet up with a guard that seemed to be moving towards the AT-AT. The man didn’t seemed fazed by Winter’s existence, and she approached as Pand’Ora snuck ever closer unnoticed. Winter asked if the box held the Pressure Couplers, and how many there were. When told there were only two, Winter explained that they now needed three as Rossi is being almost crazy about it. Seemingly convinced, the guard was flabbergasted at the demand, and even mentioned that he didn’t think there was a third Pressure Coupler in the base! Winter easily twisted it, and told him that he should go try to find it immediately while she finished the delivery on these first two. The guard, convinced, mentioned that he told everyone that this AT-AT wasn’t worth it, before handing Winter the heavy box of couplers and heading back into one of the nearby structures. Couplers in hand, Winter called up to those in the AT-AT and they lowered the rope ladder down for her. They seemed shocked that she wasn’t he one that they had called for to make the delivery, but Winter was able to assuage their worries by telling them that she had sent him ahead to find a third in case these parts turn out to be faulty. The seemed more than convinced, in fact they were more dissapointed that they missed their chance to ask the guard to bring an extra hydrospanner with him. Winter seemed to struggle with climbing the ladder and carrying the box as she progressed up the ladder at a slow pace. It bought time for Pand’Ora and L’hrequ to creep closer (with Mo and I staying behind, Mo surveying the scene and myself mostly trying not the be the liability I knew I’d be). Winter’s slow climbing did irk the guard inside (And probably the other guard too as Winter saw the shadow of at least one other inside [Glad I wasn’t sent in then, dodged a bullet there]) and he yelled at Winter to speed it up! When Winter inquired what the hurry was about, the guard “reminded” her of the speech that Rossi had given earlier where he told everyone they’d need to move faster or be punished. Winter didn’t move faster…well as far as I could tell. However, L’hrequ spun around and started up the ladder as well. The guard at the top seemed blissfully unaware of his presence on the ladder…must be one of those Jedi Mind-Tricks my mother used to tell me about. Of course we Toydarian’s are much to smart to fall for such nonsense, but the guard seemed totally taken by L’hrequ’s hand wave, or mental nod, or whatever Jedi’s do to make people act dumb.

Once Winter reached the top, the guard finally helped her out, first by taking the box and making sure its contents were actually pressure couplers. Then, once the box was approved, reaching down and lifting Winter up into the AT-AT. With this assistance, Winter entered what I’m described as a crew compartment of sorts with chairs dor around twenty-ish people, plenty of weapon racks, and other such army things. However, this room currently was mostly empty besides Winter and the other two guards. One side of this Crew’s compartment was a doorway that, presumably, lead towards the cockpit of the vehicle, and the other side probably to engineering or something. As one guard continued riffling through the box of couplers, the main one belittled Winter on her slow ascent, mentioning that Rossi wants the AT-AT operational as soon as possible. Winter questioned if getting the AT-AT ready quickly was even a possibility, and was told that it was and Rossi wanted it done Yesterday! The guard also told Winter that they needed the AT-AT ready to go before they drop off the you-know-whats (presumably the aptly named Xenos).

Once the box sorting guard finishes his spelunking, he carries the box over to the door opposite of the cockpit and opens it up revealing two more guards, minus helmets, that seemed to be sweating from the heat of the engine (so I suppose the whole thing was on?). Transferring over one part, the men inside begin the work of installing the coupler with the rest of the system as the box guard fetched the second one and brought it over as well. At this time, L’hrequ climbs into the AT-AT silently, the main guard seemingly ignoring L’hrequ’s existence, and the box guard not even noticing as he had his back turned to the porthole. L’hrequ tapped on the box guard shoulder and was told to wait just a moment, to which L’hrequ agreed. The box guard, having handed over the second part turned around to face L’hrequ, who said hello there as he drew is lasersword. Guess things were about to get messy….not what I wanted at all. Now, I’m mostly running on what I’ve been told and a few things from my SugarScoot Camera…so some of this may be…incorrect? Doing my best:

So L’hrequ starts things off with a pleasant hello there, but then uses his magic powers to toss a the box guard into the room with the two sweaty guards, in fact he slams the man into one of the sweaty guards and they both hits their heads! Then, L’hrequ closes the engineering door on them. The main guard, finally decided to notice L’hrequ hits the jedi with a nasty blast from his blaster and it hits viciously, giving L’hrequ a fearsome wound. Pand’Ora, hearing the excitement begins her ascent up the ladder as Winter calls out that there is an intruder in the AT-AT and that they should send back-up as she aims and shoots at the main guard! She lands a good blow, but her nerves seemed to get to her a little bit as things were seemingly going smoothly so far. Hoping to do something useful, and not entirely sure what to do, I debated flying to the ship to maybe hijack it, but assuming that there would be guards within I decided to merely take out the nearest turret. With my SugarScoot’s help I was able to get below it where it couldn’t hit me and begin cutting down its scaffolding in an attempt to make it all fall down. Unfortunately for L’hrequ, the door to the engineering bay wasn’t locked, just closed and the engineers opened it and lands a energy blast into L’hrequ’s shoulder. Mo stayed ever focused and took aim towards the buildings, expecting reinforcements to come running.

L’hrequ closed the door on the Engineers and the box guard again, only this time uses his lasersword to destroy the door’s console leaving it sealed. L’hrequ then told us all on our comms that we could head into the AT-AT now, as the battle had begun. The main guard angry at Winter’s supposed betrayal attempted to blast her with his rifle, but missed and sparks from the attack sprayed into his armor’s visor. Leaving him shocked to see Pand’Ora, having just climbed in, clawing at him from where the sparks once were. Pand’Ora lands a sharp blow and pushes the Guard into a better position for Winter to take a shot, but Winter’s attack was a bit short out of fear of hitting Pand’Ora instead. I managed to take out a second leg and push the turret down before moving behind the boulder that was near Mo. The Engineers in the AT-AT realized they couldn’t open the door and in a few moments Pand’Ora, L’hrequ, and Winter saw sparks begin to spray from the now sealed engineering door as it appeared the engineers were attempting to cut through the door. Mo moved next to me behind my hiding boulder, laid on the ground and continued to take aim.

L’hrequ draws and stabs a stimpack into himself, having taken several nasty attacks. The Bacta instantly begins easing his wounds. With a wave of relief, L’hrequ swung his lightsaber at the main guard. At this point five guards began to funnel out of the make-shift buildings and marching towards the AT-AT to stop the intruders. At Mo’s spurring I bypassed by own worries and headed towards the generator hoping that most of the guards were already heading to the AT-AT. However, it seems Mako was undercutting the number of people that would be in this base, as not only were guards swarming the AT-AT, but there were even more just standing guard over the generator. With no explosives to drop, I had to come up with a plan fast, and well….not my strongest suit. I flew past the base on my scooter to the turret at the Southwest part of the base and started to take it down, figuring that it would take them time to get to me. Mo’s massive rifle knocks out one of the guards heading for the AT-AT with one blast. The engineers continue trying to cut their way out of the door. Pand’Ora tries to open the door that would lead into the AT-AT’s cockpit, but it seems to be locked, so with some time to breathe before the troops arrive at the AT-AT and the door getting open, Pand’Ora picks up the carbine from the Main guard and his frag grenades. Winter checked in to make sure everyone was doing ok.

L’hrequ moved over to the locked door in the AT-AT and began to cut through it, demanding that those behind the door drop their weapons and surrender. Two guards cut off from their path to the AT-AT and headed towards Mo, both blasting their rifles at him along their way. One of them missed, but the second hit slamming Mo a bit deeper into the dirt. Mo took a reprisal shot at the guard that hit him and sent a message of confidence to his allies, particularly to Pand’Ora reflecting on these guard’s inferior blaster work. At this time, three more guards exit the building nearest to me and all begin shooting at me, one missed, but it didn’t take anymore than the other two to send me spiraling towards the ground and darkness. From what I could see from the camera on the scooter, I hit my head quite horribly too. That explains this lump on my head. Pand’Ora took aim at the engineering bay door, awaiting the engineers to break free. Winter attempted to use the comms to confuse the troops and mislead them to send guards against non-existent group coming from the Southwest.

Pand’Ora, seeing the engineers taking their good sweet time getting out of their make-shift prison, switched goals and began blasting at the guards at the foot of the AT-AT that were trying to climb up the rope ladder. With a single shot, Pand’Ora easily took out one of the guards with a critical blow. The other guard that was trying to chase Mo shot at him again, but despite channeling his own inner Mo, in laying on the ground, he still missed. At the same time another guard climbed into the AT-AT and prepared for combat against Pand’Ora. Winter took aim at this new target and landed a vicious blow that sent the guard’s gun plummeting down the porthole to the ground below. I received mixed answers as to that particular event. L’hrequ said that he was the cause of the weapon falling down, but Pand’Ora and Winter are confident that it was Winter’s excellent aim. I guess you decide, my head hurts too much to worry about it. Mo easily stunned the guard that was attacking him, before standing and heading Southwards to come and rescue me. L’hrequ finished cutting through the door latch, and opened it. Inside was yet another smaller door leading to the actual cockpit as well as a crate that was strapped down off to the side. L’hrequ told everyone that he found the bugs.

Winter takes another shot at the guard that she just disarmed earlier and lands another vicious blow and giving the guard a horrific injury to his his arms. The guard, in response drops a grenade at Pand’Ora’s feet and tries to dive out the hole to catch the rope ladder. However, his horrific injury leaves him too weak to catch himself and he plummets to his death as the bomb goes up, engulfing Pand’Ora and Winter in its flames. Mo continues his trek towards me, and stops when he sees me being dragged away towards the generator. And they were doing by my wings too, what monsters. All the while insulting the catch….as if three against one and I’m not even a warrior. It is insulting, but to them. My poor tummy… Another guard goes to the base of the AT-AT, which was easily seen as a mistake as Pand’Ora aims her gun downwards and with one shot takes him out. L’hrequ begins cutting into the bulkhead to the cockpit as the Engineers finally cut through their door problem, one of them even taking a shot, but misses as he fires too early.

L’hrequ then cuts through the bulkhead and kicks open the door. Inside were two more mandolorian guards waiting, so L’hrequ slid to the side of the door for cover. The guards try to blast L’hrequ, but they seem overly cautious in their shooting to avoid hitting the crate that was near L’hrequ’s position and so miss. Pand’Ora hurls the grenade she pilfered from the first guard’s belt into the group of Engineers and the explosion took out two of them, leaving only one standing. Winter tried to take out the last engineer, but the smoke caused her to miss her mark. Mo told me he used three grenades and jury-rigged them onto a droid of his named To-To and set it up so the droid could pull the pins. Then Mo sent To-To off to climb the generator-like thing and pull them to arm the frags. The gaurds seemed oblivious to this, instead kept talking about taking me out, comparing it to killing a kid, these guys really are dirt. However, soon the seen was filled with fire as To-To’s exploded amongst the three frags, setting off a chain reaction that caused the Generator to overheat and explode as well, engulfing the entire area in flames. Shrapnel and heat overtook the guards carrying me, as well as me too. Clearly, I am dead…I have it on camera….son of a Kath Hound….I should be dead. And….I thought we didn’t have explosives??? Argh, my head…

The explosion apparently caught the attention of the guards now piloting the AT-ST as it wandered over to the wreckage and began scanning for survivors as well as the one who caused it. Another guard had chased Mo all the way over, and took a shot at him, but missed due to the massive explosion being a pretty great distraction. Pand’Ora dashed over to L’hrequ’s side and blasted one of the pilots in the AT-AT and left him with quite a chip in the shoulder, but he somehow still stood. The Engineer took made an attack at Winter, but encouraged his allies over the comms, telling that they were succeeding at their distraction mission as Rossi was escaping easily thanks to their good works. L’hrequ entered the cockpit and attacked the one that Pand’Ora had left reeling and finished him off. At the same time threatens the other guard and demands his surrender. The guard dropped his weapon. Winter sees another guard trying to climb into the AT-AT, and fires at him, hitting, before closing the hatch to prevent his entry. At this time, the group hears the whine of a large vehicle powering up and the YT-2600 began to take off.

Mo maneuvered behind another boulder to hide from the coming AT-ST and takes a guard at his stalker guard, missed, but was able to catch his breathe with the boulder providing cover for him. The Engineer told Winter that she could surrender, but chose not to shoot and instead await her answer. The stalker guard on Mo took another shot and landed a nasty hit that slowed Mo down. Winter told the engineer that he sucked at surrendering, took aim, and fired knocking the guard to the guard and to death. The guy in the cockpit surrendered to L’hrequ and Pand’Ora and L’hrequ asked him questions about the AT-AT’s uses. At first the guard was hesitant to answer, but at L’hrequ’s threats the guard balked and told him that the AT-AT could run, but not fast. L’hrequ told him make it so, and the guard did as he was commanded. Pand’Ora got into the co-pilot’s seat, kicking L’hrequ out of it, and began to warm up the weapon systems.

L’hrequ keep a close eye and lasersword on the guard to ensure that he was following order, but found the guard’s helmet hard to read so instead watched for attempts at foul play. L’hrequ then asked what the engineers were working on in that back and is told by the guard that they were trying to get the engines to 100% capacity, but regardless of their work being thwarted, the AT-AT could move and began to do so. L’hrequ made a call over the Intercomm and said “This is the AT-AT, please be careful.”
The party discovers that the guard now piloting the AT-AT’s name is Tobias, and he moves the AT-AT into position to blast the AT-ST, which Pand’Ora took advantage of. Using the AT-AT’s guns, Pand’Ora landed a nasty blow into the AT-ST, but it didn’t completely topple over just yet, but was knocked about. Winter immediately took to the captain roll and began directing Fire, inspiring Pand’Ora to even greater feats with the guns. Mo blasted down the stalker guard and pulled out his patching gun to apply an Emergency Repair Patch.

Pand took aim and with a second series of lasers managed to blow up the AT-ST, effectively ending the conflict since the YT-2600 already left the scene. Mo dashed over to my now deflated body and began what appeared to be intensive surgery with his medical pack as well as two stimpacks. And with that jolt of bacta I took a deep gasp for air….or food….maybe both before realizing that I was still on Toydarian hell with singed clothes (luckily they are built for resisting fires), a hungry tummy, vicious headache, and a bunch of scattered about dead and burning men. What a nightmare. I was thankful to Mo’s rescuing of me, but death almost seems better at this point. Catching my breath I helped him gather up the pieces to his little To-To.

L’hrequ commands Tobias to stop the AT-AT and demands the rest of the surviving guards to climb off of the AT-AT and surrender as Mo told them to drop their weapons. Pand’Ora went around collecting the scattered weapons from their owners, who continued to cooperate in their defeat. At this point I addressed my throbbing head while retrieving my SugarScoot which, thankfully, was left in perfect condition. The other, however, proceeded to interrogate the guards. Mo asked where Rossi ran off to, and the guards could only tell him that Rossi was supposed to deliver the weapon, which he didn’t take with him. So the guards could only assume that Rossi went to meet up with his master. Pand’Ora asked who this master was, but the guards told them that they didn’t know as Rossi only ever met the man alone as he didn’t trust the mercenaries. L’hrequ asked why the mandalorians chose to follow Rossi, and they told him that the money was worth it alone, but honor came with the job as well. L’hrequ followed up by asking if their were anymore bases on Ganath and was told that there were only two, and we had already found the other one. Pand’Ora asked if Rossi left the planet, and the guards presumed that he would have.

With the other’s questions satisfied, we…well they began to plan the next course of action. They decided to call the Magistrate to get in contact with the Magistrate who wasn’t happy to hear from us, but was surprised that we found the “secret base.” L’hrequ filled him in on the occurrences oat the base, and was told that troops could arrive that base in around four hours (some military response). L’hrequ told him that the threat had been neutralized and that we had the bio-weapon contained in a box. Mo, during the call, began heading back to the Silver Bucket to check in on Asher and Mako. I just sat on my scooter trying to recover, it was hard because laughing hurt. Rossi left the planet even with Gananth’s satellite system operational. And they thought they could keep us on this planet. Laughable. The magistrate told us that he was prepared to execute the prisoners and wanted to incinerate the bio-weapon’s in the box. L’hrequ told him that executing the prisoners wasn’t the best course of action, but the magistrate merely said that they could discuss it with Brand when we brought the box back. L’hrequ told him, however, that he would keep the box in an undisclosed location.

L’hrequ then asked what we would do with the AT-AT, and they decided that it would be best to disable it permanently since it couldn’t be reasonably taken with us. At this point L’hrequ tells the magistrate to use the satellites to track where Rossi went as we began to head towards the Silver Bucket.

Mo, however, had arrived already and was realizing that something was horribly wrong. The ramp to the ship was decorated with burn marks around the door and some-kind of device was used to cut the hatch of the ship off, leaving it unable to leave the atmosphere. It would be easy to fix, but we needed more tools to do so. Mo calls out to Asher and Mako, but there is no response. Mo contacts us and we rush to meet up with him, and head into the Silver Bucket together. The Silver Bucket’s interior looked like a battle-zone with scorch marks all over the place, ruining several of Winter’s beautification pieces. Looking around, nobody was on board. Inside the cockpit, however, Pand’Ora noticed a computer chip of some sort that wasn’t there before. It was a holographic projector of some kind, and we all gather to watch it. However, the projector seemed to be incomplete and we only received the audio which was of Mako’s voice. It explains that the ship was being surrounded by Mandalorians and that Asher and her didn’t have much more time. Mako tried to get help or get the ship going, but the consoles were all shut-down and inaccessible without hacking of which she didn’t have enough time to do. So instead, Mako said her and Asher locked themselves in the Cockpit to gain just enough time to leave this message to either wish us luck, if they had died, or to provide us with a way of tracking them. Along with the message was a frequency that could, if we acted quickly, track Mako and those that kidnapped her and Asher (who is captured again). We had no time to lose…which was unfortunate, as I’m not in the best shape. I start up the ship, and we speed off towards Ganath for repairs the Silver Bucket’s hatch before hunting down Rossi, as clearly the Ganathians can’t do anything they promise.



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