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Playing Chicken

We sat around discussing Dolan’s offer and we all agreed that he’s not one to be trusted. The plans got talked over in circles several times over. I was hurting pretty bad from the battle so I decided it was time for me to get some sleep. Making plans isn’t my job anyway. My job is, well with this bunch, shooting things, so my opinions were not needed.

Eventually it was decided (and agreed upon) that Dolan would take 30 of the villagers with him for a sum of money, receiving half now and the other half upon delivery to The Wheel. We would take Cratala and Harsol with us so the Imperials who were after Cratala wouldn’t have a reason to bother Dolan’s ship with the villagers. While we waited for morning, M0F0 spent his time breaking down speeder bike parts into easier to manage packages so we could take them with us when we leave, hoping he could put together one speeder bike out of them.

Daybreak arrived with the sound of gunfire from Dolan’s ship cutting down the canopy of the nearby trees, followed by the sound of trees cracking under the weight of his large ship. Dolan was paid and the villagers boarded. There was some question about the payment. Rather than credits, Harsol presented Dolan with a bluish metal bar which was apparently made out of some kind of rare metal used in technology and thus quite valuable. L’hrequ made sure the facilities in the ship were okay for the passengers. It was cramped, but clean and safe, not the inhuman cages I suspected might be waiting for them. Who knows what kind of bounty hunter Dolan might be.

Dolan had a Togo with him. I was surprised at this as my kind are rarely seen outside our planet except in Mandalorian territory. This one was named Ganda, a very handsome male with blonde dreads and fur. First thing out of his mouth he was insulting me to L’hrequ about how a female Togo should be home having offspring. I reminded him that Togo’s are a MATRIARCHAL race. Being Togo he knows that the males hunt because they can’t do much else, and the females run the cities and the technology of the planet because we can THINK. Stupid males. I flicked my tail and turned my back on him. This is of course a feline version of a slap, showing my uncaring back to someone and a flick of the tail followed by the pretense of ignoring the person as though they do not exist.

Dolan’s ship, The Tempest takes off and our party makes our way to our own ship along with eight of the villagers which include among them Lupo, our guide as well as Harsol and Cratala. L’hrequ and the villagers cut quick growing vegetation out of our landing gear and we take off from the planet. We find there are no other ships in orbit and we have an uneventful trip back to The Wheel.

We expect to have trouble docking considering how we left but we find no trouble other than the fact that we have a stupid name for our ship. Wooden Chicken? Really? What kind of name is Wooden Chicken? Why not Fast Panda, or Asteroid Skipper or Cloud Dancer? Wooden Chicken? How about The Halo? The Helios? Star Opal? The Kraken? But no, we give this ship the name Wooden Chicken? I’m surprised they allowed us to even dock with such a name. It is embarrassing.

Shira is no longer on The Wheel. I wonder if she went to join her brother Remo. He make contact with Dolan and tell him we will be there soon. Before meeting him though, L’hrequ reminds us that we should find out the actual value of those rare metal bars so we go to a bank and discover that the bar Harsol gave to Dolan is worth not only the half he promised up front but actually pays for the entire contract. We wonder if Dolan will honor this. I naturally have to dislike Dolan since he wants to take in a bounty on my friend, Little Pax so I suppose I am prejudice against him.

We head to where Dolan’s ship is docked. He is not only reasonable about the value of the bar of metal that was given to him, he actually gives us credits for what he was overpaid! This bounty hunter follows the code! I have a new respect for him. I twitch an ear at Ganda and give him a nod. Dolan invites us to celebrate and drink with them later and I leave the encounter actually looking forward to this.

We escort the thirty villagers out of the docking bay and get them settled into a suite where Pax does girly things with them as they discuss where the villagers will go from here.

I leave them to do some shopping. I borrow 400 credits from Pax so I will have enough money to buy armored clothing and I sell my heavy clothing. I also buy a good supply of rhyschate and I buy a couple more stim packs and a couple of binders for future jobs, having lost the two I had on that horrible jungle planet.

I hear something in my comlink about dock fees but I ignore the chatter. Mostly the chatter is screaming by Brak. He’s such a nervous creature, always worried about something so I pay little attention to it.

I return to Pax and the villagers that don’t have home worlds and folk to go home to still seem anxious about where to go from here so I suggested Corellia and they seemed to like that idea. I was really starting to enjoy this pause in our adventures, feeling relaxed and finally able to catch our breaths when I hear Brak chattering up the comlink again.

Brak is almost incoherent about some need for us to return to the ship. I sigh and call Dolan to give my apology that we will not be able to come to the party and how much I really wished I could have joined them. I think he is an honorable bounty hunter and he and his people sounded like they were having so much fun! I also put a bug in his ear to watch out for any information on Rozzi and that I would pay for any information he finds. I tell him I am looking to capture Rozzi dead or alive but preferably dead. I do not go into details of why, that is a personal story that is not meant for casual comlink calls.

I arrive back at the ship with Pax, Harsol and Cratala. M0F0 has reprogrammed the spider droid and named it Toto. It’s adorable. Larry has had his hair trimmed and I think his nails look shiny. Brak is up in arms about some hooded figure (could it be the one that was following us earlier?) that came to him and warned him that imperials are looking for either Larry or maybe Brak himself, I cannot make sense between the two of them when they are talking so loudly and rapidly.

So while there is more talking I decide to just look everyone up on the holonet at the Bounty Board…

M0F0 is listed with “please contact for amount.”

Brak is listed for 20,000 credits
Winter Pax is listed for 100,000 credits
L’hrequ is not listed, however there is a standing bounty on all Jedi’s.

I am a bounty hunter traveling on a ship of bounties. And I only have 30 credits on my chit. That’s fucked up.

Docking fines and fees are discussed and I know I have nothing to contribute. L’hrequ gives an expectant look to Harsol who pays the fines. I try to give a “force sensitive” high-five to Larry but since I’m not force sensitive as far as I know, I expect he didn’t get the kudo.

Our trip to meet up with Remo was uneventful until we came out of hyperspeed. What…the…hell? Remo wanted us to find Cratala who is hunted by Imperials and then has us bring her to a planet that is surrounded by Imperials including no less than five imperial star destroyers?!?!? We are hailed by authorities who want dumping permits or something and I head straight away to the dorsal turret. Apparently they didn’t like the dusty permit L’hrequ found buried in the ship’s computer records and the authorities send four tie-fighters after us.

Shots are fired at us. I fire back. Before another shot is fired, Brak expertly banks The Wooden Chicken hard into the clouds of this shit-hole planet called Raxis Prime.


Awesome. A ship full of bounties… ‘water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…’ LOL!

Playing Chicken

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