Galaxy In Flames

Out of the port and into the flying pan

I believe I can flyyyyyyy !!!!

There are bodies everywhere, we can hear blaster shots in the distance. Most of the invaders are dead or have retreated. Remo and his three Wookie bodyguards are coordinating things in the open. Some of us are pretty beat up and need medical attention.
Brak assesses the damage on the Silver Bucket: it won’t prevent the ship from flying, but its maneuvers are limited until we fix it.

We learn that Yav is a longtime rival of Remo, and that he too was looking for the distress pod that Remo had recovered. Obviously the Rodian can hold a grudge… Cratala and Harsol join us. Remo offers to go find a quieter and safer place to discuss. An injured man runs toward us, mentions that the Imperials guarding the planet have been alerted. Tie Fighters and a shuttle are incoming!

Remo takes us to the corvette he uses as his headquarters: the Blockade Bandit. We go up a turbolift and walk through narrrow barracks, then reach his command center. There, Remo explains he and his people need to evacuate the place before the Imperials arrive. The corvette is actually able to fly! Three of its eleven FTL drives are working at the moment, and the ship has been slowly restored over the last few years, in case an evacuation like this one was needed. That is the only way for Remo’s folks to escape, and they need our help:

- some heavy debris preventing takeoff need to be removed.
- escape charges to free the ship have been setup and need to be checked.
- Several airlocks need to be fixed for the ship to be properly sealed.
- two more FTL engines have to be fixed.

We introduce Cratala and Harsol to Remo, who is very happy to meet them (they are however more reserved). Brak and L’hrequ are going to the ship’s med bay to get repaired first. Cratala is going to help in the medical bay. Pand is going to help with the heavy lifting. Winter negotiates a bonus of 7500 credits for the group for the extra help we’ll be providing, then agrees to help with the explosives charges herself.

Pand has to remove heavy debris preventing the ship from moving. Two humans are already working on that task, but failing (puny humans). Pand growls them to move aside then tries lifting debris. They are a lot heavier than expected. It takes her a while to accomplish the colossal task, but she manages to do it inch by inch.
Brak and L’hrequ go to the med bay. Brak is in terrible shape, which allows them to move to the front of the line. The Doc. tries to heal L’hrequ’s concussion and succeeds.

I fix engine #4 in only 5 minutes with the help of Toto: one more to go. The local techs already working on the task are astounded by my technical acumen: not bad for a droid!

Winter climbs along the side of the ship like a proud ape, to the top of the debris hip covering the corvette, from which she can see the faint blinking of demolition charges. One of them has fallen off its original location, and is directly lying on the hull of the ship! Winter almost falls off while trying to recover the charge, rips her coat (the mouth of that one in the Commlink!), but manages to place the charge to its designed location.

Meanwhile, Pand manages to move the rest of the debris that has fallen during the battle.

Healed, Brak leaves the med bay, starts climbing on the corvette and reaches a turret (medium twin turbo laser), which needs to be realigned.

I start working on another reactor, but it’s a lot more damaged and takes longer. Brak reaches the top of the ship, meets Winter on her way down the ship. Remo recommends Winter to go check the Silver Bucket, as we’ll be needing the ship for evacuating as well. Pand joins her for the preflight check.

L’hrequ helps fixing a broken airlock with nothing but vacuum tape! He joins two technicians and offers to help. Brak tries to maneuver the turret to realign it. He succeeds in only 5 minutes! He then goes for the Corvette’s cockpit to pilot it. He volunteers Pand to man (cat?) one of the Warship’s turrets. Winter checks in with Harsol, offering him to evacuate on board the Silver Bucket. Pand starts the Bucket’s engine successfully and leaves the ship to go to the corvette.
I finish fixing a fifth engine, then pack up my gear, grab Toto under my arm, then run out of the Corvette to the mechanics’ dismay. I run double-time to the Silver Bucket.

Brak tries to start the Blockade Bandit. The startup sequence is very different from our ship’s; he has never commandeered such a large ship but manages to power the beast up. He can feel a rumble going through the ship.

I reach the Bucket, Winter is waiting for me and Harsol. We get on the ship and close the ramp, just in time: the Imperial shuttle lands rights as we take off !

Remo orders the charges’ detonation. We hear multiple pops, debris fly off the corvette as directed explosions free it from tons of scrap metal. It rains shrapnel all over the base. The Bandit is free to take off. Pand reaches one of the turrets, the one that Brak fixed. It works flawlessly.

L’hrequ gets to the ship’s consoles and calls Brak to check if there is a sensor operator (there isn’t) then goes to the engine room to try and fix another FTL drive, but fails for now. Brak freaks out and starts yelling orders at his crew to speed up takeoff!

I take the Bucket out of the building very smoothly, then fly low among the garbage hips to keep a low profile. As I was taking off, I saw two dozen stormtroopers exiting the shuttle. They shoot at us with their rifles, to no effect.

The Corvette takes off as well, making a mess of debris as it clears the ground. The sensor guy detects several blips in space! Many little dots and two large ones are closing on us. We need to get the drek out of here! What the hell: two Imperial Raiders and a full squadron of Tie-Fighters. The fight for our freedom begins…

I start evasive maneuvers and jam communications for the two Raiders and one Fighter. The Bandit’s turrets (except Pand’s) shoot at the Fighters and cause some damage but mostly miss (they are manned by mostly untrained people). The Tie-Fighters close in and shoot the corvette in the flank. Winter is working on fire solutions and is unable to figure one out (maybe the Fighters are too fast).

I spin and dodge one of the fighter’s shots but the Bucket is hit hard by another one. Our ship is already in bad shape from previous fights, I agree with Bark that the Corvette will try and take most of the damage from now on so we can reach the FTL point and get out of here.

One of the two Raiders is in firing range and hits the Bandit hard with its front turbo gun, then fires a missile. An incoming alert rings in the corvette bridge. L’hrequ tries to spoof the missile and partially succeeds. Pand shoots with her big laser guns and hits the Raider hard. Two of the Tie-Fighters are hit by another turret and explode.

The Bucket is attacked by the Tie-Fighters, who miss. The Raider shoots a missile at us, which I spoof skillfully (what did you expect, hoomanz?). The three Tie Fighters are puzzled by my whimsical flight style and miss the Bucket. This time, Winter gets a good firing solution on the Fighters and Harsol transforms the mark by destroying one of them.

Brak starts spinning the Bandit in a crazy trajectory, placing the corvette in the Raider’s blind spot! I’m glad I can see that from the outside, this is brilliant flying! Meanwhile the first missile hits the Bandit and destroys one of its gun ports, killing its gunner. The other raider attacks the Bucket and barely misses. Pand and her team destroy one of the Fighters tailing us! Winter fails her firing solution again, but Harsol still manages to shoot the last Tie-Fighter left. The missile aimed at us, disoriented by my conflicting information, flies wide!! One minute to go before jumping (2 for the corvette).

One of the raiders attacks the Bandit and launches another missile. Pand’s turret crews attack the last Tie-Fighter and destroy it. Only two raiders left!

The other Raider hits the bucket incredibly hard and launches a missile. I spoof it so hard, it does not even know who the enemy is anymore… Winter fails her solution AGAIN (good thing she’s pretty, we’ll keep her) and Harsol hits the missile in flight and destroys it (an incredible feat, missiles are tiny and fly with ludicrous celerity).

Countdown is over, I punch the FTL and we’re out! The corvette still has to fend with both Raiders, but one of them is unable to attack because of Brak’s stupendous’ flying. The other Raider hits the Bandit with a concussion missile, punching a huge breach in its side. The alarm rings, meaning some compartments are compromised. Pand leaves her seat and goes out to try and fix the hull. She succeeds and the corvette is sealed again. Still, crew members are evacuating irradiated and burnt people from the damaged compartments. Suddenly, L’hrequ feels a surge in his mind, that can only be a disturbance in the force. He sees two yellow inhuman eyes on a reptilian face staring at him, and hears “I seeeee Yooouuuu” then blacks out. The Bandit jumps into Hyperspace.

When the Bucket goes out of hyperspace, we are not where we are supposed to be! In my haste, one of my coprocessors burnt out, inducing a significant astrogation error. Argh, Brak will never stop making fun of me now… The Bandit arrives where he’s supposed to however, and the crew sees a large ship or station: the ISO1, Remo’s new base of operation. We have to correct the navigation, jump again and eventually join with the Bandit and the ISO1.

We all get on board, and I land the Bucket inside one of the ISO1’s landing bays. We disembark. Remo asks to meet us in his conference room. IT3-PO is there too, much happier to see me than me him.

Remo is thrilled. Remo pays us 11,500 credits each and promises to help us with our obligations , then gives us the deed for the Silver Bucket! He also offers to fuel and repair our ship for free. What a guy !


awesome write up !!!


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