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Never trust a junkie

So by afternoon we had decided to try are luck again fishin’ fer junk. We just got payed a nice chunk o change, m0 went right out and got him something fancy installed on his blaster not sure what it does but I am sure it will save our hides at some point. So we head back out into the godforsaken wasteland of this wonderful crapheap of a planet lookin fer more junk. We cruise along for a spell and we come across powerline splice converter of some sort, I take the wheel and bring her down and Cat, m0 and Lehreq drop down onto a garbage heap to bring her up, this one here was about a 15 footer so we gotta be careful cinching her down.

So we is thinkin we done good and somehow Winter spots something else, they call it a phase transformer or something like that, so the 3 drop back down and give her a go, this one is attached to some big motor or something like that, the attached part was the problem m0 tries man handlin or droid handlin it but she wouldn’t budge, eventually he finds a torch or something that just cuts the blasted thing off….hey moneys money right?

So we is heading back and Winter spots a bunch of smelly jawas flappin their arms and talking nonsense while they is fishin out some old droid. Sensing an opportunity we head that way to see steal a bit from the thieves themselves. I figure the best place fer me is on the skiff, now I love just about everybody but Jawas aint everybody, they are little creeps that steal and lie. I aint got no place in my heart for them so I figure it’s better to just stay on board and let them work out a deal. You should have seen their creepy little eyes flicker when they saw m0f0, almost like they were in love or something…..that right there aint healthy you know, but in their lust I believe our crew might have got the better of them, somehow we got 4 servos out of them, that’s a right nice profit if you ask me.

Now about this time we sold our junk, collected our money and were heading back towards the hotel to relax a bit, m0f0 decides he is gonna go take another bath, he is a weird one, maybe if he sticks around and I get my ship back we will make up some sorta bath for him Winter decides to follow concerned about the jawa lust for the droid. I am of the thinkin a bath around these parts makes you stand out like a sore thumb. So wes walkin and a Niemodian bumps up against me and the next thing you know I got a note in my hand saying meet me behind the corvette, not sure what kinda pickle I was getting into I ask Pand to watch my back. Lehreq had left to go check on Cortana. So I meet this feller and he tells me I need to do a job, Once I figure out what kinda job it is my blood runs cold, I don’t like these folks much but I figure what I am doing can only help the cause. Its part of the job, pick up a “special box” hide her on the ship and drop her off someplace else, milk run easy stuff, however this aint milk and this is gonna cause a stir back at the wheel.

Ensured that all is well We head to the cantina to relax a bit, we chit chat with the regulars a bit and Lehreq gets baited into a dice game, I think he is expecting a fair game but there is no honor among thieves. Pand and I kinda keep a close eye just to make sure Lehreq does not get swindled out of his servo money. So there is a human, a Wookie and a solastad at the table. Ima watchin them dice and kinda focusing on that Solostad, something aint right about this, having played a few games of dice I get a feel for how they roll and these aint right, I walk over to Pand and tell her he switched out them dice, sure enough the Solostad goes on a run and starts taking everyone’s money, the Wookie is getting HOT, Pand forces the issue and calls him out on his cheatin, after a bit of heated back and forth Ima watchin to see where he was gonna unload his dice, shore enough he raises his hands and I catch a dice flying across the bar, slicker then jawa turds that one is. I go fetch it and the jig is up. The Wookie wants to tear him apart but Lehreq calms him down enough to keep the peace. The Bartender gives us free drinks for the night…..all is well or so we thought.|

Now about that time Nortah arrives to tell us the Jawas have come…..yippee! Well apparently they bring some travelling junk show with them to this area of the planet a few times a month and it’s a big whoopteeee do. So we make our way towards these caves, actually the bucket is parked there so I figure what the heck they can look thru the junk and I can check on our big pile o junk. The group goes to check on the crap fer sale and I head to the ship, shore enough when I get there I see two of the little rats fiddling with the door of the bucket, I pull my blaster and tell them to get their hands of my door you dirty apes! Turns out these little apes were in fact Rodians it was a trap! That’s about the time all hell broke loose. Lehreq charges fearlessly, m0f0 opens up and shows what that modification to his blaster was all about, Pand opens up on a bunch, I get the ramp down to the ship thinking we may need to get out of here right quick. I grab my precious cargo and stow that away and head back down to help out ma friends. Thinking this trap was more sinister then what’s immediately in front of us Winter cuts to go check on Harsol and Cortana, m0 wisely follows Winter just in case. These Rodians had some grenades withem and gets one right up the exhaust port of the bucket……we could have problems…..big problems.

Winter heads towards the hotel, comes across a man with some sorta detonator device, apparently she clips him then m0 finishes the deal, the detonator is secure. Then they move to the hotel to secure Harsol and Cortana. Lehreq stays near the ship and moves over to the other cave to make sure its secure, I hear some ruckus and figure I better go help, I turn the corner and see Lehreq playing games with the Rodians blaster makin it float in the air, as brilliant as that boy is sometimes he tries to be too cute about thangs, so whilst lehreq is making blasters float I take one to the face and float myself for a second before the hard ground finds me, whooo doggie that was just about then end for me. I recover enough to help lehreq finish off the last of these rodians, With the last of our immediate troubles solved for the minute, we gotta regroup and figure out what they hell we are gonna do now…..


Nice write up, written like a scoundrel !

Note: The ending is a bit mixed up though (or maybe it was omitted on purpose because your character wasn’t there), with the Thermal detonator and the Trandoshans. Too bad, that was a cool scene.

Never trust a junkie

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