Galaxy In Flames

Dance at the Warehouse

L’hrequ had invited us to his room just before we left Remo’s flagship to show us he’d made a lightsaber with the kyber crystal given to him from his old master via Remo. It’s a beautiful weapon, curved handle and a blade of blue energy. I suspected he was a jedi student previously but this actually confirms it. It doesn’t change anything. I won’t turn in bounties on my friends. Hell, I’m not much of a bounty hunter anyway. There’s only one bounty I really want to claim, and he’s waiting for us on The Wheel.

Pax had contacted Waroon to meet again with him before our meeting with Rossi. Stars, I hate even saying his name. At 1800 hours we went to Mila’s Comet where we were ushered into a back room by Ceeloe. Waroon Dak is there with a flutterbug who was introduced to us as a Toydarian named Poncho. I must say, he smells rather nice, but somehow I can’t concentrate well around him, the buzz of his wings are distracting. Other than that, I really like him and he has piloting skills which are fortuitous since we are suddenly without one, a pilot that is.

Waroon gave us a letter from Brak. He’d made that delivery here on the Wheel and right after got news from Remo that Brak’s father’s ship, the Arcturus had been found and Brak had to act on it immediately as it could be his only chance to recover the ship. It will be sad to continue on without him, but the galaxy stops for no one and we have to save Pax’s brother.

The message we got from Risso said to meet on Level 20 in Warehouse 66. Waroon shows us a layout of the place and we make plans to send L’hrequ and I ahead on a cargo crate to be delivered to the warehouse. Poncho makes his way to just outside the warehouse via an air duct where he can easily see the place. He uses his data pad as a camera so we can see what he sees. This is extremely useful.

From the vent Poncho sees 10 workers unloading boxes and sees our crate come in. When the meeting time arrives, there are now only four humans and 2 jawas, and neither Pax’s brother Asher or my estranged husband, Rossi are present. This is like him, Rossi is always late, wanting a dramatic entrance.

Winter Pax and MoFo enter and are searched. I quietly pat MoFo’s shiny new sniper rifle that sits in my lap. Time continues to tick away and finally one of the humans makes a call. Suddenly one of the jawa’s shoot a net at Pax and she’s down on the ground! I explode the lid from the crate and toss the sniper rifle to MoFo! L’hrequ leaps out, bringing one of the humans to his knees with one fell swoop!

More shots are exchanged and in two quick perfect shots another human goes down and I take the first death of the enemy. Okay, well, I’m the only one using deadly force. The others have their weapons on stun. Suddenly someone is trying to drag Pax off and MoFo shoots him and knocks him down too. L’hrequ leaps with the grace of a nexu to land onto the crate we expect holds Asher and his lightsaber greatly wounds his foe.

Poomp! Poomp! Two jawa nets are fired and wrap around our Jedi and he topples over as he struggles against them. Pax shouts something to her brother about how she loves him or something and then she starts twitching and drooling green foam. Of course I freak out! NOOOO, NOT LITTLE PAX!!

My mind goes into a rage as the others finish off our foes and I chase down the last one crawling out the door who holds a grenade. I growl at him, “Tell my husband I am coming for him!” and I slam the door so he can continue crawling away with my message.

We take a breath, MoFo unwrapping Pax to find she has been playing dead-womp-rat. Larry, er, I mean L’hrequ checks on the box that we suspect has Asher within. Screaming alarms blare at us as a Destroyer Mach II unfurls before us and two more crates explode open bearing a trandoshan each.

Our Jedi is fiercely struggling with his lightsaber while tangled in the nets , our flutterbug is… attacking a huge war machine droid with a tiny welding torch thing. More shots are fired, the gunplay is deafening and wild. The Jedi continues to struggle, MoFo and I continue to blast away shots, and the flutterbug is…is…riding the back of the huge war machine as it swings around blasting at us. Am I going mad? Why am I on the verge of laughing? What?!? Poncho has felled the great war machine?!? With a torch?!?

Poncho exclaims in his gruff, gravelly voice, “I took care of its head problem. It had one.” I laugh heartily. I really like this guy! He didn’t have to risk his neck to help us, but he did, and he finished off that giant war machine with style!

We look into the box that the Destroyer was in and there’s a holo-stick inside. MoFo turns it on and we see a holo recording of Rossi. He calls me Catnip, the fucker. He tells me he is doing things for the good of our people. He kidnapped an entire village on Togoria, a village of our people and sold them into slavery, to save our planet?!? The fucker.

He wants me to meet him on Ganath. I will meet him. I will kill him. I will freeze his balls in carbonite and I will mount them on the ventral cannon of the Silver Bucket where they can clang for the rest of eternity as we travel through the galaxy. Then I will take his severed head back to The Elder and correct this dishonor he has cursed my family name with.

Soon, Rossi. Soon.


“Little Pax”.


Dance at the Warehouse

Yea, don’t know if Pax finds it annoying or endearing but it is what it is, Big Cat Pand really feels compelled to protect her little human sister even though Pax can take care of herself. Again, it is what it is. :D

Dance at the Warehouse

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